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HP Labs Releases 2010 Annual Research Report

Paper-like, flexible video displays.  Immersive, real-time 3-D experiences.  Zero-energy, sustainable data centers.  Low-power, high-speed nonvolatile memory.


What do these things have in common?  They’re all projects being developed by talented teams of researchers at HP Labs.


HP Labs is comprised of distinguished scientists, award-winning technologists and passionate researchers who are driven to redefine what it means to be innovative.  The newly-released HP Labs 2010 Annual Research Report showcases the organization’s commitment to “purposeful innovation,” finding solutions to the most complex challenges facing HP’s customers and society, and, as a result, creating a strong link between Labs research and HP’s business goals.


The report highlights the best of more than 120 technologies that HP Labs transferred to HP businesses during the 2010 fiscal year, whether it’s delivering a cloud-based analytics solution to help government agencies detect sophisticated cyber attacks, or creating seismic data solutions using wireless sensor networks for more efficient land-based oil and gas exploration.


You can read about advancements in these areas and many more in the report, which provides a comprehensive look at the projects and people that contributed to another fruitful year of R&D within HP’s esteemed research group.


Click here to download the full report.


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