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HP Launches Catalyst Initiative to Advance STEM Education

On September 16, HP launched the Catalyst Initiative, a group of five international consortia of leading education institutions, each addressing a critical issue in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), to develop innovative solutions that will transform the future of STEM education in the US and across the world:







  •  Multi-Versity: Led by the Sloan Consortium (based in the US), this initiative focuses on online education for STEM students, to provide new learning opportunities that can be applied toward certification and degrees.

  • Pedagogy 3.0: Led by Futurelab (based in the UK), this consortium is aimed at better equipping teachers to facilitate 21st century learning experiences for students through technology, teacher education and other programs.

  • Global Collaboratory: This consortium, led by the CSIR Meraka Institute in South Africa, is working to enable students to participate in collaborative problem-solving to address urgent social challenges, through the power of collaborative grid computing.

  • The New Learner. The Agastya International Foundation in India leads the work to engage formal and informal education institutions as they create new models of student-driven STEM+ learning, leading to higher school completion rates and improved retention.

  • Measuring Learning: Carnegie Mellon University (based in the US) is working with its consortium members to develop new approaches for using technology to measure STEM competencies that are often not assessed in school.

HP is investing more than $6 million in grants to 35 education institutions across 11 countries. Each of the five consortia share more than $1M in technology, funding, and HP professional services, to support each project to explore how technology can enable innovations in STEM learning and teaching students.

HP has a longstanding commitment to improving STEM education through its social innovation in education.  Alongside the Catalyst Initiative, HP supports National Lab Day and is running a year-long volunteering drive with HP employees and retirees, who are collaborating with educators across America to inspire and engage grade-school students in hands-on STEM learning.

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