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HP Launches its Latest Fight Against Counterfeit Drugs

When picking up medications from the pharmacy, most consumers would assume that the drugs they have purchased are in fact the drugs their doctors’ prescribed. However, the World Health Organization estimates that counterfeit drugs, often containing the wrong amount of active ingredients, account for approximately 10 percent of the global drug market. In 2010 alone, the purchase of these drugs financed a $75 billion global counterfeit pharmaceutical industry that claims 700,000 lives each year.

Today, HP announced its latest effort to combat the global distribution of counterfeit drugs – the HP Global Authentication Service. This cloud-based track-and-trace solution improves pharmaceutical companies’ abilities to accurately monitor products as they move through their global supply chains. Not only will the service protect consumers from dangerous or ineffective drugs, but it will also enable pharmaceutical companies to protect their revenue and intellectual property from the growing black market.

The HP Global Authentication Service is initially launching in India, a country with a rapidly expanding pharmaceutical industry and a counterfeit drug market that has become one of the largest producers of fake medicines in the world.

The underlying technology of this cloud-based service has already proven its ability to be scaled and adapted for a variety of applications, sectors and regions. It was originally developed by researchers in HP Labs and the HP Software PS Cloud Services Innovation Centre to monitor goods in HP’s supply chain. Most recently, HP adapted and applied the technology in partnership with mPedigree, an African social enterprise, to provide patients in Nigeria and Ghana with a way to check the authenticity of the drugs they purchase with a basic mobile phone. mPedigree plans to expand the system to additional countries later this year. 


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