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HP PCs Built in the USA

For as long as we've been in the PC business, HP has built PCs in the US.  HP desktop workstations and commercial desktop PCs are assembled in Indianapolis, and HP servers are assembled in Houston. These manufacturing facilities employ hundreds of people and produce billions of dollars’ worth of products.


Key facts:

  • 36% of Business Desktop PCs sold in the US are built in the US
  • 100% of the Workstation PCs sold in the US are built in the US
  • HP (and Compaq) have been making PCs continuously in the US since the inception
  • HP will make 2.9 million PCs in the US this year 


“HP PCs have been assembled in the US since the beginning,” said Tony Prophet, senior vice president of operations for HP’s Printing and Personal Systems group. “For example, every HP desktop workstation PC sold in the US is assembled in Indianapolis, Indiana. In 2012, we expect to assemble 2.9 million PC units in the United States.”


“Being close to our customers helps us meet their needs with speed and precision,” he added. “HP PCs are assembled on five continents”from St. Petersburg to Australia and from Shanghai to Brazil to the United States.”


Along with local manufacturing, HP uses numerous capabilities to meet customer needs including: a responsive build-to-order manufacturing that helps meet short order cycle times, flexible configure-to-order systems that address customers' unique solutions requirements, and shipping capabilities, including shipping orders, that are designed to meet special customer delivery requirements.


We also partner with a vast array of retail and channel partners in the US.  Combine that with 6 distribution facilities, we are able to deliver great products and solutions to our customers, making us the leading vendor in the US.

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