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HP Partnering with the Obama Administration on STEM Initiatives

On September 16, President Obama launched "Change the Equation," a partnership with HP and other members of the business community to seek new ways to keep American students competitive in a technology centered future.


"Our success as a nation depends on  strengthening America’s role as the world’s engine of discovery and innovation," said President Obama. "I applaud HP and its partners for lending their resources, expertise, and their enthusiasm to the task of strengthening America’s leadership in the 21st century by improving education in science, technology, engineering and math."


STEM education forms the building blocks of innovation, ultimately leading to entrepreneurship and catalyzing key industries, such as health IT and alternative energy. When you combine the history of American innovation with the obvious need for technical expertise today and tomorrow, HP believes it becomes clear that the nation has the resources to lead in this capacity.


See below for the White House video describing the goals and full press release:


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