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HP Raises the Bar by Recycling 2 Billion Pounds of Electronics and Supplies

Imagine 36 Statue of Liberty monuments, side by side. That’s the equivalent weight—2 billion pounds—of electronic products and supplies HP has recycled since 1987.(1) We’re celebrating reaching this milestone in honor of tomorrow’s America Recycles Day, a campaign that encourages consumers and corporations to reduce their waste.


“We’re raising the bar for recycling in the IT industry,” said Engelina Jaspers, HP’s vice president of environmental sustainability. “HP has decades of leadership in environmental sustainability, and a strong track record of responsibly managing electronic hardware and printing supplies at their end of life.”


Part of our commitment means making it easy for everyone, from consumers to large companies, to recycle. Our HP Planet Partners program operates in 58 countries and territories. This helps HP recycle more used IT equipment than any other company.(2) In fact, HP recycled six times more IT equipment than IBM and over 75% more than Dell in 2010.(3) And in 2009, HP recycled more IT equipment in two months than Apple did in the entire year.


We’re also pioneering the use of a “closed loop” cartridge recycling process which incorporates recycled cartridge materials back into new Original HP ink and LaserJet toner cartridges. In 2010, HP manufactured nearly 311 million ink and toner cartridges that contained recycled content. The 19.6 million pounds of recycled plastic we used prevented 490 tractor-trailer loads of plastic from ending up in landfills.(4)


You can play a part as well. Help celebrate America Recycles Day by recycling old equipment with HP at and get a check or gift card in return, or donate the value of your buyback to charity. For cash back when trading in old equipment for a new HP product, visit Find more consumer and business return and recycling options at


Products traded in go into our reuse operations, which complements our recycling programs and keeps even more used equipment out of landfills. Beyond recycling, HP has recovered an additional 410 million pounds of computer and printing hardware to date for reuse and remarketing. And in the last six years, HP has put approximately 20 million used IT products back into use through these efforts.


1 Calculation based on weight as reported at

2 Based on publicly reported numbers.

3 Dell reports equipment recycled and equipment reused as a combined figure. When including reused equipment, HP recovered (recycled and reused) 336 million pounds in 2011—125% more than Dell's 150 million pounds.

4 As of April 2011. Based on a nominal payload of 40,000 pounds.



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