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HP Supports Electric Grid Modernization

HP applauds President Obama’s commitment to energy innovation with the announcement of several new initiatives that will advance a clean energy economy and spur innovation.



Among the initiatives, the Obama administration plans to upgrade the U.S. electric grid and provide $250 million in loans for rural towns, set new commitments with the U.S. Department of Energy to give consumers access to energy consumption data, and expand partnerships with the States and stakeholders to provide online resources and best practices.


HP has been at the forefront of innovations that help us better measure and manage energy usage. Utilizing information technology to provide solutions to address our global energy challenges is at the core of HP’s sustainability work. For instance, HP Energy and Sustainability Management Solutions deliver an enterprise sustainability strategy services model spanning IT, real-estate, supply chain and the work force; working with customers to transform business models and optimize their resources. Researchers in HP Labs have designed and deployed a proof of concept for a Home Energy Intelligence Service for remote monitoring and assessment of residential energy consumption patterns. The system will help identify patterns and provide insights on where energy consumption is taking place and what homeowners can do in response.


HP also created a Carbon Footprint Calculator to show consumers and businesses how they can reduce the environmental impact and costs of computing and printing. The web-based calculator allows users to review and compare products to help make decisions that will improve their business operations and reduce the impact on the planet.


HP continues to work internally to improve the sustainability of our own operations and we collaborate with a variety of organizations to optimize energy use and lead the IT industry with energy-efficient innovation.


Additional details on HP’s commitment to energy efficiency and sustainability can be found at


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