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HP clarifies media reports on support for Windows-based tablets

(This entry was posted by Bill Wohl, HP senior vice president and Chief Communications Officer)


Today, HP clarified reporting in Fortune magazine, CNN, and InformationWeek related to HP’s support of the Windows operating system for use in tablets.


In a CNN/Fortune interview focused solely on the HP TouchPad and HP smartphones, CEO Leo Apotheker discussed the exclusive use of WebOS as the operating system on those devices.  Unfortunately, media sources incorrectly reported that to mean that HP would not use Windows on all tablets.  Since that time, all three media sources have corrected their stories.

Consistent with HP’s commitment to meet customer needs and offer choices, HP will continue to offer its Windows slate, the HP Slate 500.  The HP Slate 500 is valued by enterprise/commercial customers in healthcare, retail point-of-sale, hospitality and other industries where compatibility with Windows applications is important.


First announced on February 9, 2011, the HP TouchPad, a webOS tablet, will be available this summer.

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