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HP meets goal to increase product energy efficiency by 50 percent

Unlock Your Energy Panel Discussion - March 2011

(above: Marc Gunther, FORTUNE, moderates a panel discussion at HP’s Unlocking Your Energy event in New York with Chandrakant Patel, senior fellow and director of the Sustainable Ecosystems Research Group at HP Labs and special guests Bahar Shahpar, eco fashion designer and lifestyle consultant, Rick Bayless, sustainable chef and restaurateur, and Frank Gould, VP of research and development and sustainability officer at Avaya.)


(This post was authored by Shelby Watts, HP Corporate Communications)


We hit another significant environmental sustainability milestone, with HP meeting our product energy efficiency goal in March 2011 – nine months early. HP’s products now use 50 percent less energy than they did in 2005. With HP shipping 3.5 products every second across all sectors of society, we all have reason to celebrate.

Getting the most out of the electricity we already use is part of the solution to our global energy challenges. But with energy consumption forecast to increase nearly 50 percent by 2035 worldwide, we need to address this issue on many fronts. Applying three broad energy strategies can help:

- Choose energy efficiency options for a quick payoff without sacrificing productivity or features

- Consolidate to optimize resources by shifting from inefficient or redundant products and processes to smart solutions

- Control energy use with solutions that intelligently manage consumption

HP is in a unique position to help as the only company with the scale and portfolio to deliver solutions that unlock the full potential of energy in homes, offices and enterprise businesses around the world. We continue to build a broad eco-portfolio – currently over 5,200 products and solutions – and sustainability is at the core of much of the work in HP Labs.

And this scale can quickly add up. If all makes and models of printers, notebooks, desktops, monitors, and servers shipped in 2005 were recycled and replaced with new HP energy-efficient models, customers could save approximately $10.4 billion in energy costs and avoid more than 40 million metric tons of CO2e – in the first year alone. That’s equivalent to shutting down more than 10 coal-fired power plants for an entire year.

We continue to engage with a variety of stakeholders as we seek to address society’s energy challenges. As part of this, HP has begun a global initiative - Unlocking Your Energy - to demonstrate how energy efficiency, sustainability and profitability are compatible concepts. We encourage you to explore HP’s customer successes and sustainable IT portfolio and hope HP can be a part of your long-term energy solution.

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