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HP named to 2012 Top Innovators list

Thomson Reuters names Top Global 100


Every day, HP strives to pioneer new technologies and improve the lives of our customers. In recognition of this commitment, HP has been named to the Thomson Reuters Top 100 Global Innovators list for the second consecutive year. This recognition is a reminder of HP's long-term viability and unwavering commitment to combining innovation with business goals.


In being named to 2012 Top Innovators list, HP is positioned alongside a group of world-renowned leaders in innovation. Other companies honored include Google and Microsoft. The report states that “All [companies on the list] have one thing in common: those who innovate, and protect their inventions with IP rights, have greater chances for long-term success than those who don't.” 


But how does a study measure innovation? For an infrastructure technology company, the formula for innovation includes intellectual property and patent growth. Analysts and experts correlate robust intellectual property portfolios with growth and competitiveness.


That's why the Global Innovators List, which was first launched in 2011, is based on a series of patent-related metrics and multi-dimensional assessments that get to the essence of what it means to be truly innovative. According to Thomson Reuters, the evaluation criteria is:  


  • Success - The ratio of published applications (those patents which are filed and publicly published by the patent office but not yet granted) to granted patents over the most recent three years.


  • Global - Protecting an invention in major world markets is an indication of the significant value a company places on its intellectual property. The number of “innovative” patents that have quadrilateral patents in their patent families, according to the Thomson Reuters Quadrilateral Patent Index™, was calculated to create a ratio that shows which companies place a high value on their portfolios in major world markets.


  • Influence - The impact of an invention “down the line” can be determined by looking at how often it is subsequently cited by other companies in their inventions.


  • Volume - This award focuses on companies that are responsible for generating a sizeable amount of innovation. All organizations with 100 or more “innovative” patents from the most recent three years were included in our analysis. An “innovative” patent is defined as the first publication in a patent document of a new technology, drug, business process, etc.


Martin Fink, CTO and Director of HP Labs, views the honor as source of pride and motivation:


“This acknowledgment is a testament to the innovation ethic that’s been at the heart of HP since our founding. It's also a reminder of the core capabilities that exist across our business units and regions.  As we embark on 2013 and HP’s historic turnaround, this legacy of innovation will be core to our ability to deliver superior value to our customers.” 


The full Thomson Reuters report can be downloaded at


Also, many of the great technologies produced by HP this year were recently featured at Discover 2012 in Frankfurt. You can access a library of content and links on the Discover webpage, including this thought-provoking interview with Martin Fink.

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