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HP's Gabi Zedlmayer Honored by Newsweek and The Daily Beast's "150 Extraordinary Women" List

This week Newsweek and The Daily Beast identified and honored 150 of those “Extraordinary Women" who are "local heroes, and the growing network of powerful women who support their efforts." The global status and influence of women have changed dramatically in the recent decades. Many determined women have fought against odds to become heads of states, develop breakthroughs in technology and science, or establish impactful organizations that are improving the way of life for many in underserved areas around the world.




Gabi Zedlmayer, vice president of HP's Office of Global Social Innovation, was selected and recognized by this exceptional list for her dedication in maximizing results from the philanthropic efforts of HP, the world's largest technology company. Gabi and her team work aggressively to tackle critical social issues in education and health through strategic collaborations with non-profits and social entrepreneurs to serve developing communities around the world.


Image credit: The Daily Beast, Women in the World

Tilmann Kempf(anon) | ‎03-22-2011 10:42 AM

Hey ,


I went to school with Gaby, success has to do with Character...Gaby has the Capacity to think globally but she will never forget where she comes from...that fact makes here extremely strong and capable. We shoud not forget here good sense of humor and her talents to perform on stage. We love and respect her .


Tom Iannotti(anon) | ‎03-22-2011 02:03 PM

No one should be surprised at the leadership Gabi is providing for this important work. PAssionate, driven and focused. That's Gabi and the way she drives herself professionally and personally. Don't try running next to her -- she perfers to be in the lead!

Ethan_Bauley | ‎03-23-2011 10:41 PM

(@Tom and Tilmann - we sent your comments over to Gabi, and here's what she had to say - Ethan, HP Corporate Communications)


Hey Tilmann, thanks so much for your RESPONSE – this is just great. Neckarsulm and the Youth Orchestra, Frau Perger, the cello and the Violine, Herr Stelzer, Michi Schulz and Birgit Dziuba will always be present as if it had been yesterday. Thanks so much for commenting and your kind, kind words!!! We should make an effort to meet up in 2011….thanks again and best greetings to the whole family!  Cheers Gabi


Hey Tom,  I am honored by your words and wish I could tell you how much this means!! Thanks so much – totally appreciated!!




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