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HP’s Public Cloud: What would you like to know?

(This entry was posted by Emil Sayegh, Vice President, HP)

At the HP Summit 2011 on March 14, our CEO Léo Apotheker unveiled HP’s vision for a world driven by cloud and connectivity. Since then, there has been a lot of passionate discussion about exactly what HP’s public cloud services will look like and what they will bring to the market. So, with that in mind, we want to get right to the heart of it: what would you like to know? What is most important to you in a public cloud service?


Understanding the needs of the community is crucial to our approach. We’ll be accepting questions via email and responding directly on our blog in the coming days and weeks. While we may not be able to answer every single one directly, or quite yet, we’ll do our best to collate the most frequently asked questions and address those first. If we don’t immediately answer your question, please stay tuned as you’ll be hearing more from us in the coming months.


Here’s how to get involved:


Please submit your question via email to 


(Editor's note: questions and comments on this topic sumbitted to Data Central -- and meeting our community guidelines -- will be posted, but to considered for a response, email your inquiry to the address above. You can also head over to HP's Scaling the Cloud blog to see the original version of this post)

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