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HP’s Robison and Mendenhall head to New Orleans to talk innovation at the Reboot America summit

reboot_logo.jpgBeginning this Thursday, HP Chief Strategy and Technology Officer Shane Robison and Chief Marketing Officer Michael Mendenhall will be in New Orleans to help brainstorm new ways to “Reboot America.”

We’re pleased to share that the entire event, which is being hosted by The Daily Beast, will be broadcast live on the web.  We’ll also be headed to NOLA ourselves to bring you as many hallway conversations and behind-the-scenes insight as we can.

Follow the rest of the conversation (and send us your thoughts and questions) here on Data Central, on Twitter at @hpnews, or on Facebook.

You can also track the event via The Daily Beast’s Reboot America Facebook page and Twitter feed.

More helpful links and resources:

Reboot America homepage

Full list of panelists (including thought leaders like Vinod Khosla, Sean Parker, Barry Diller, Peter Orszag, Diane von Furstenberg, and more)


For a preview of what Shane and Michael will be talking about, check out the video below, where Shane discusses his thoughts on why information is our greatest resource:

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PaulLennon | ‎10-22-2010 10:39 PM

The Information-enabled business is leaner and more flexible and democratic as a business process model. However, the leadership of IT is still human centred.

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