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HP selected to provide low-carbon technologies to UN climate change conference (COP16)

HP has been selected by the Mexican government to provide over $8 million of low-carbon IT solutions for the 2010 UN Climate Change Conference (COP16).  

The agreement includes solutions from a wide range of HP’s businesses, including notebook and desktop PCs, printers, data center and networking equipment, and supplies.  HP will also be supplying desktop systems to deliver high-definition video communications, transporting executives from the UN in Bonn, Germany to Cancun without a plane ride.   By using HP’s visual collaboration solutions that were announced today, we are truly minimizing travel-related emissions for COP16.

The COP16 IT team chose HP in part for its commitment to support environmental sustainability as a global business strategy and as a catalyst for technology innovation. HP has applied the collective influence of its products, operations, supply chain and partnerships to deliver low-carbon alternatives and solutions - optimizing resources, building intelligent infrastructure, and driving sustainable transformation for the 98 percent of businesses outside of the IT sector.

As a company that is committed to environmental sustainability, we’re honored to be able to play an important role in reducing the overall carbon footprint and emissions through the innovative use of technology at this year’s Climate Change Conference.

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