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IPG is Sponsoring The HigherEdTECH Summit at International CES 2012

(This entry was posted by Alison Graves, Director of Communications for HP's Imaging and Printing Group)


Happy New Year! We’re packing our bags and hitting the road for the annual International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week. With Education a big focus for us in 2012, IPG is a proud sponsor of Robin Raskin’s HigherEdTECH Summit.


We are looking forward to the “From Dewey to Digital: Are e-books Tablets and Digital Content Coming of Age?” panel session and the discussion around how digital and print are transforming the learning experience in today’s higher education classrooms.


We’ll have more to come from this session, so check back here for additional CES and HigherEdTECH related updates as we report our findings. For real-time updates on HP IPG’s activities at CES, be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook.


(Editor's note: for info on PC's at CES, check out HP's The Next Bench blog)

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