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Innovation from HP Labs: New Sensors Meet Customer Needs

At the heart of any diversified and successful technology company is a group of talented innovators. That's why we believe in empowering the brilliant minds at HP Labs to reach for the stars in their development of hardware, software and infrastructure technology solutions.


But as HP embarks on its historic turnaround, Meg Whitman and her executive team know that great innovation will need to be complimented by  pragmatic business direction. That's why HP is committed to understanding customer needs and global challenges.


Recently, HP Labs researchers began developing novel and ubiquitous sensing solutions to meet in-demand agricultural, environmental and security needs. By unlocking the power of nanotechnology, HP is able to help its customers spot contaminations and identify dangers before it's too late.


Zhiyong Li, Principal Scientist at HP Labs, provides a deeper overview of this pragmatic business innovation in the video below:

Edgar Chavolla(anon) | ‎01-04-2013 09:56 PM

This post is great, but it needs more information, for example,


*-  is the nanosensor calibrated to catch specific molecules? or the nanosensors are going to catch any molecule and try guess what id the molecule based on the electrical properties of the molecule?


*- What type of properties are the nanosensors getting from the molecule?


*-  Can these properties give false positives in the molucule detection (detect one molecule type as it was another type)? 

Komateswar Dhanadevan(anon) | ‎01-08-2013 06:02 AM

This is a wonderful innovation. Looking for more such demonstrations from HP labs

The application of nano sensors in agriculture to spot contaminations will be a great help to farmers to bring high quality farm products.


I would like to add a suggestion to the research folks. 

Agricultural was the prime job for my family.

In india apart from water shortage there are several challenges to agriculture and one of them is plant crops with right amount of water.

Each crop require right amount of water based on the type of crop and fertilizer used.

If the nano sensors placed in the agriculture field and notify whether right amount of moisture is reached the roots then it will be a great help for farmers to save water and better yield




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