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Innovation’s Impact: How HP, our partners and the power of information are changing lives in Africa

At HP, we believe that corporate success and social welfare are interdependent. We aim to enrich society and drive sustainable economic growth by giving people and businesses innovative ways to be more creative, productive, and successful through the power of information.


Driven by this belief, our social innovation efforts have already supported significant work in Africa, including programs you’ve read about here such as our work with the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) to improve infant HIV testing in Kenya and with mothers2mothers (m2m) in support of their mission of preventing mother-to-child transmission of HIV.



This week at the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) Annual Meeting and in conjunction with the company’s expansion in Africa, HP is extending relationships with CHAI, m2m and several other non-governmental organizations to use cloud-based and mobile solutions to provide better access to information in countries across Africa. Why information? Quite often, it has the power not only to improve lives but also to save them.  Read on to see how…

  • At the CGI Annual Meeting in New York, HP and mothers2mothers announced a commitment to extend their work together to reach 20,000 HIV positive women and their newborns. HP is helping m2m move from paper-based patient records to digital ones, which will allow m2m’s Mentor Mothers to share information and provide better follow-up with the moms and babies they serve.
  • HP and Senegal-based Tostan are deploying a technology platform to help bring education to adults and adolescents who are without access to formal schooling in more than 1,300 villages across eight countries in Africa. We are supporting a commitment Tostan is making at CGI this week to expand its work.
  • HP, CHAI and Positive Innovation for the Next Generation are expanding a pilot program initially introduced in June 2011. We’re working together to let health workers use a mobile and cloud system to track not only malaria outbreaks, but also other infectious diseases as designated by the Ministry of Health.
  • HP is also working with CHAI to extend the successful work speeding up diagnosis and treatment of HIV for infants beyond the borders of Kenya to Uganda. Like the partnership with m2m, this collaboration involves nixing an old paper-based system in favor of a digital one, which lets doctors get infants’ test results back more quickly so they can start treatment if needed.
  • In Tanzania, HP is partnering with SafePoint Trust to limit the spread of diseases like HIV and Hepatitis B, which are all-too-often passed along when syringes are re-used. Every 24 seconds a person dies as a result of receiving an injection from an unclean syringe, and the World Health Organization estimates that unsafe injections alone kill 1.3 million people each year. Using technology from the HP Global Authentication Service, people will be able to report the usage of Auto-Disabled syringes, giving the government better information as they seek to make injections safer.              
  • In addition, HP and Mozambique Development in Motion are establishing a computer lab in a rural secondary school. The facility will also be open to the wider community during evenings and weekends, giving a skills boost to the whole area.

For updates on HP’s social innovation work, you can follow @HPglobalcitizen on Twitter. Also, check out the interactive map here to learn more about our initiatives in Africa and around the world.


Photo credit: mothers2mothers

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