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Looking Ahead: Thought Leadership from CMO Marty Homlish

homlish-1-300.jpgThe rules of marketing continuously change as globalization and split-second communication drive business and consumer demands. If yesterday’s marketers communicated what the company was doing, tomorrow’s marketers will shape the very content, products and services that are offered to customers.


As HP continues to navigate its turnaround route, Meg Whitman and CMO Marty Homlish have rekindled the kind of forward-thinking marketing vision that will drive sales in 2013 and beyond. Marty recently shared a few essential elements of his vision for HP's marketing future. The following will be key to the pan-HP turnaround:


Knowing the Landscape - "Borders are going away, so how you market now has to be truly global. If you think about the world our children will inherit, borders go away, and commerce is going to be on a very different platform, so your operating model has to change. Technologies and workflows are changing.  As borders go away, and technology enables the human experience to be real time around the globe, workflow will change with it [...] Memristor…photonics…operating models like the cloud that fundamentally allow us to redefine the economics of technology."


Understanding Customer Needs - "What the next decade holds is truly extraordinary. The one thing that is absolutely fundamental between now and 2020 is that technology and the human experience will merge much more than we’ve ever experienced.  People like to say that PCs are dead; I would argue that we’re finally entering the era of personal computing because your state will follow you on any device, anywhere."


Storytelling - "I actually think that one of the single most important strengths that every marketer must have is the ability to tell stories. The first thing to think about is who is the audience you’re telling those stories to?  Then you need to try to get inside their head and say 'OK, what matters to that audience?'"


Simplification - "[T]he ability to take complex messages and simplify them. Simple is very, very difficult. From time to time, I’ll ask someone to provide me with an executive summary. It’s very challenging to provide an executive summary because it should really be one paragraph. Think about how difficult it is if you’ve been working on a project for six months, you have 7,000 PowerPoints, and somebody says to you 'I need an executive summary and it needs to be one paragraph that’s clear, concise and compelling.'"


Committing to a Vision - "Finally, the other thing that’s going to be critical is intestinal fortitude. Turning any business around is a lot work. There’s no magic formula; it’s a lot of hard work. When you think about that hard work, think about the future state. The future state is when your company is flying again. My job is to do four things: to inform, inspire, empower and work with my leadership team to always improve and take our marketing to the next level."


For more about CMO Marty Homlish's vision, read Chapter 3: Marketing 20/20 and then join the conversation. Enterpise 20/20 is an interactive eBook from HP, which provides our vision of the enterprise in 2020 and offers an opportunity for you to engage with fellow innovators.

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