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Making IT Innovation Count: HP FlexNetwork Utility Advantage Program



Did you know the average enterprise spends less than 30% of its IT budget on innovation?*  That means many enterprises currently lack sufficient capital for network investments that support cloud, mobility, rich media and bring your own device capabilities. That’s quite a problem for any 21st century business!


Fortunately, HP has taken on this challenge. HP’s new FlexNetwork Utility Advantage Program could be the solution that communication service providers (CSPs) and their enterprise clients have been looking for. The program enables CSPs, in collaboration with HP, to help enterprise customers modernize networks through hardware and software solutions, with no upfront cost.


Enterprise customers enter into a on a pay-per-use agreement with their CSP for the managed network offerings they need to support initiatives that speed innovation. "With HP’s FlexNetwork Utility Advantage Program, we can close the gap in our managed service offerings to deliver a networking infrastructure that allows our customers to move beyond operations to innovation,” said Oliver Spring, head of Product Line Management, Swisscom.


But if that’s not enough, FlexNetwork also offers great WiFi advantages. CSPs leveraging the program can deliver a unified wired and wireless local area network (WLAN) solution for cloud services or applications, on a pay-per-use basis. That type of simplification and cost efficiency can go a long way to helping enterprises grow in other areas!


“We have seen increased enterprise adoption of cloud-managed pay-per-use wireless local area network offerings,” said Tim Zimmerman, vice president, Gartner. “We advise customers to deploy integrated wired and wireless networks with a single management application to deliver consistent services and simplify operations.”


Whether you’re an enterprise or CSP, this breakthrough has a lot to offer:


  • The HP FlexNetwork Utility Advantage Program is available worldwide through authorized CSPs.

  • Additional information for enterprises interested in learning how HP FlexNetwork Utility Advantage Program can benefit them is available here.

  • Additional information for CSPs interested in participating in the HP FlexNetwork Utility Advantage Program is available here.


* Based on HP internal research.

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