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Out with the Old, in with the New: Best practices for Disposing of Outdated IT Equipment

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(Posted by Mike Cuno, HP Financial Services)


As businesses replace outdated IT equipment, the task of responsibly disposing of it can be daunting -- but it doesn’t have to be.


All too often, companies let older technology pile up in a closet or warehouse. But, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure: much older IT equipment can be refurbished and remarketed. By employing the expertise of a lifecycle asset management provider, companies can find value in equipment they no longer need.


Out of sight, out of mind? Not in this case


Old IT equipment can’t just be tossed into a dumpster – it often contains heavy metals and other potentially hazardous substances. If technology is disposed of carelessly or irresponsibly, the equipment can not only endanger the environment, but also lead to litigation and threaten an organization’s reputation.


What’s more, high-tech devices – computers, servers and storage units – are filled with proprietary data, information about customers and employees and even intellectual property. If this information gets into the wrong hands, it can be bad news. That makes data wiping an important part of the disposition process.


HP’s approach

HP Financial Services, the company’s leasing and lifecycle asset management division, is responsible for managing the disposition of IT equipment for HP around the world. In 2009, HP Financial Services managed more than 1.3 million units in secondary markets, including enough notebook PCs to cover more than four football fields – plus end zones.


HP was recently named a “Leader” in Gartner’s North American Information Technology Asset Disposition (ITAD) Magic Quadrant. Additionally, IDC has recognized HP as a certified IT Asset Disposal vendor, noting that clients can have confidence in the company’s ability to safely and securely decommission IT assets they no longer need ­– whether they’re from HP or any other manufacturer.


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