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Pete Hartwell talks CeNSE on Mashable

Today, features HP Labs’ distinguished technologist and CeNSE project lead Pete Hartwell, as a guest blogger discussing how “a physically aware Internet will change the world.”

In his post, Pete discusses HP’s CeNSE technology, and how it has the potential to change the way we harness the Internet, and better yet, understand and help make our world safer, more secure and sustainable. Specifically, Pete writes:

“The next revolution of the Internet is not going to be built on manual input of information by 500 million or a billion users. Rather, there is much greater potential in connecting computers to sensors so that valuable new information can be created automatically without human data entry.”


Naturally, this kind of vision begs the question: how? Pete continues:

“We need a system in place that captures the pulse of our surrounding environment. In an ideal world, we will have incredibly small sensor technology (smaller than a pin) spread out all over the world . . . With billions, perhaps even trillions of sensors, we can begin to understand not just how the world is behaving, but how we are affecting it.”



You can read Pete’s full post here and also check out Pete’s talk on CeNSE at BIF6 here. Follow the HP Labs twitter handle and subscribe to the HPtalks YouTube Channel for more information on CeNSE and all the projects that the HP Labs researchers are leading.

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Ron Lake(anon) | ‎12-01-2010 11:49 PM

Lots of interesting stuff here and I see many parallels between CENSE and the GeoWeb ( ).  You might want to compare some of our blog, e.g.  (Internet of Things)


*  (Data sharing as application integration) (GeoWeb as a Web of Systems).


We have been organizing a conference called GeoWeb since 2007 and GeoWeb 2011 - Smart World Applications will be the 5th GeoWeb.  CENSE seems like a logical candidate to participate.


For GeoWeb 2011 we will focus on 6 key application areas (all deal with Systems of Systems relative to the physical world).  The 6 themes are: Air Traffic Management, Smart Grids and Utilities, Environment and Climate Change, Urban Infrastructure and Transportation, Business and the Consumer, and Public Safety and Securrty.


I would love to hear from you or others in CENSE (





Ron Lake

CEO and Chairman

Galdos Systems Inc


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