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Phil's Predictions for CES 2011

(This was cross-posted from The Next Bench and was authored by HP CTO Phil McKinney)


With the holiday decorations stowed and Bowl games played (most of them, anyway), it’s

time to turn our attention to Las Vegas and the annual Consumer Electronics Show for peeks into what will be creating gizmo envy this coming year.


It’s become a tradition for me to predict what’s likely to be cool at the show. Dangerous territory, for sure, but last year I batted a thousand in predicting that the big attention getters would be two exciting new platforms: 3D home television and tablet computers.


So what do I see in my crystal ball for this year? Darren Gladstone, the new Blogger-in-Chief at The Next Bench sat me down to get my thoughts on-record before the show started.  See the video below for all the details.


A quick spoiler: If CES 2010 focused on 3D and tablets, the focus at CES 2011 will be on … well … 3D and tablets. This year, I anticipate the meager amount of 3D TV content to explode, driving higher adoption of 3D in the home. As for the tablet world, it’s all about more devices and apps, apps, apps.


Darren pressed me on this one, but you will not see a webOS tablet from HP at CES this year. That said, we promised to deliver one in 2011 and we will. There is some worthwhile reading here for those of you interested in the topic.


Another thing that I really expect to hear more about at the show is mobile technology making the car more of a network peer. Imagine transferring your music over WiFi while it’s in the garage. Or, as Darren joked, hack and modify the car from the living room.


Speaking of going mobile, that brings me to my final prediction. With more mobile devices and content coming this year, I think we’ll see the major network providers introduce more next generation network infrastructure and services. That will empower more people and more devices. Keep an eye out for AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and the others to make major announcements.


I also chatted with Darren about what I see as some of the hot-button issues for small businesses in 2011. You can watch that over on HP’s 367 Addision blog.


Let me know what you think. Darren and I will get together again towards the end of the show to see how right…or wrong…I was.

Vishnu(anon) | ‎01-14-2011 11:58 AM

I am speculating the same..some thing cracking in 3D media..

Mark82(anon) | ‎01-19-2011 11:07 AM

It's kind of scary how fast laptops and tablets evolve. You can't enjoy an item more than one or two years, because it gets old too fast.

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