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Plenary Session: Developing a Mobile Enterprise Strategy

(This article was posted by Leonard van Domselaar, HP Discover Employee Ambassador)


One of the sessions I scheduled before I even arrived in Frankfurt was, “Developing a Mobile Enterprise Strategy,” given by Enda Curran.


Whether it’s a phone, a tablet or a personal computer, we all know that customers seek data in different ways. Even though smartphones have been around for a while, many businesses still don't have the proper strategy in place to help them leverage the new opportunities offered by mobile.


Businesses must understand that the mobile ecosystem is present, here to stay, and is only going to expand. It’s no longer enough to develop a short-term strategy—like starting a mobile business unit—that isn’t integrated in the entire enterprise.  Businesses need a long-term strategy for success.

Finding this strategy is exactly what Enda’s session was about. Enda made it very clear that the mobile environment is a great way for businesses to be innovative and create new value. This was my “a-ha moment” for the session: mobile can help businesses find value where there was no value before!


To fully take advantage of the mobile environment, businesses have to incorporate and integrate a strategy into their business model.

Enda gave a very detailed presentation on how HP can guide businesses through this process. Tools that were discussed included the MESA methodology and the Mobility Maturity Model. In guiding business, HP would help a client through the process in three steps:

  • In the first step, HP wants to sit together with the client and review their look at the mobile environment, establish and refine the approach.
  • In the second step, collaborating together with the client HP would take a look at the current infrastructure of the organization and suggest changes where needed.
  • Thirdly, HP can establish an architecture to support the mobile enterprise in a secure and scalable way.

Enda emphasized that HP wants to work with clients to enable them to grasp the opportunities that exist in the mobile environment, and empower these businesses to integrate a mobile enterprise strategy.


Wow, now that is 21st Century innovation!

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