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Product Recognition for HP Service Manager 9.3

Information technology is at the very core of Hewlett-Packard's past, present and future. So anytime we receive recognition for our work in this space, it becomes a source of pride for employees, partners and customers. 


Yesterday, HP announced that HP Service Manager 9.3 received 11 gold-level endorsements from the global accreditation body APM Group. This came on behalf of the Cabinet Office for Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL)-based processes.


T-image__sw__overview__bb__service_manager_large__560x338--C-tcm245-947425--CT-tcm245-1237012-32.jpgAs a generally adopted approach for IT service management, ITIL provides a framework for identifying, planning, delivering and supporting IT services to business. Built on a consistent set of ITIL industry best practices, Service Manager 9.3 garnered nearly twice as many gold-level endorsements as the next vendor.


These endorsements demonstrate that Service Manager 9.3 represents the highest standard of ITIL practices, enabling customers to reduce costs while improving services, employee productivity and customer satisfaction. That's exactly what we set out to do!


If you think we're tooting our own horn, though, see what other service leaders had to say. According to Andy Martinez, manager of Enterprise Service Management at Quest Diagnostics, “HP’s gold-level ITIL endorsements are impressive because they reflect actual customer proof that HP Service Manager 9.3 successfully automates 11 key processes.”


Andrey Ageev, IT service management practice lead at Russian Railways, added that “HP’s gold-level ITIL endorsement of 11 processes provides strong proof about the high level of maturity of HP Service Manager 9.3.”


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