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RSA 2013: A Keynote Recap


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During his keynote address at yesterday's RSA Conference, Hewlett Packard's Art Gilliland discussed a new approach to defeating cyber criminals at their own game. Gilliland, the senior vice president and general manager of HP's Enterprise Security Products (ESP) group, stated that the technology community is "clearly in a war with the adversaries." 

"If we're going to win, we're going to need to think a little bit differently about this," he told the audience. "We are incredibly predictable to our adversary."
To reinforce his argument, Gilliland pointed to research from HP's HP 2012 Cyber Security Risk Report. The keynote at RSA is another example of HP's commitment to thought leadership that can be commercialized into tangible and innovative solutions. 
Following his diagnosis, Gilliland pivoted to potential solutions that HP is preparing to drive. One of the first steps includes  studying cyber criminals and learning their methods. This has already helped HP learn about the cyber criminal ecosystem and the way attackers develop and sell profiles of potential targets.
According to Gilliland, the "ecosystem is incredibly efficient at creating, sharing and acting on its security intelligence. That's creating a huge burden for us because they're way faster than we are."
HP research indicates that  companies are spending five times as much on blocking the attacker than any other step of the prevention process.
"If you think about the capabilities we have today with cloud computing and the power that allows us to harness for building collective processing power, and you combine that infrastructure with the power of big data to analyze information, I think we can get a lot better," Gilliland concluded.

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