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Security Solutions: HP Helps Protect What Matters


Security breaches are increasingly disruptive to small businesses, governments and large corporations. These threats can damage an organization’s reputation and even hurt shareholder value. If that's not scary enough, the costs associated with these breaches can be huge and often expose organizations to litigation.
According to a recent study conducted by the Ponemon Institute, the average data breach event in the United States costs an organization $8.9 million. HP understands that it's essential to avoid these expenses.
So how are we addressing this vital need?
This week, HP unveiled a new set of security services that help organizations respond to, remediate and mitigate the impact of security breaches. 
The HP Security Breach Management Solution combines our services expertise with security intelligence software to offer a comprehensive approach to protecting what matters most to organizations. It also provides clients with security intelligence to more quickly identify a breach and react to it, as well as minimize its impact and reduce ongoing exposure from vulnerabilities.
According to Andrzej Kawalec, chief technology officer of HP Enterprise Security Services, “[i]t's nearly impossible for organizations to prevent a breach, but they can take control of how they respond. Combining HP’s portfolio of services and software, the HP Breach Management Solution arms clients with the tools and resources to monitor, manage and respond to breaches head on, minimizing their impact while readying for the next attack.”

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