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Stolkey: Advanced health care depends on “evolutionary modernization” of IT

DennisStolkey.pngIn the Summer 2010 issue of “The Voice of Technology,” Dennis Stolkey of HP describes some of the options for meeting the new necessities of digital health records. Stolkey is HP’s Senior Vice President of U.S. Public Sector for HP Enterprise Services.


Stolkey highlights the dangers of a “rip and replace” strategy of eliminating older systems and replacing them with “off-the-shelf alternatives.” Given the complexity and scale of health IT systems already in place today, a hybrid approach may be more effective, with fewer hiccups.


Specific benefits of evolutionary modernization include:


  • Continuation of legacy business rules and compliance.
  • Reduced complexity and operational risk.
  • Improved adoption rates by business users.


While modernization in this manner requires careful inventory of existing IT assets, HP has seen the benefits of its evolutionary approach internally, with business clients and through its contract with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and other federal work.


Click here to read Stolkey’s article, located on page 5.

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