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The HP Awards Meter App gears up for another year of public opinion analysis in real time

Last year, HP Labs and HP Enterprise Services helped develop an advanced social media app, the Awards Meter. This tool gathered and analyzed user reactions on Twitter during the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences awards ceremony. Of the top eight highly-coveted awards, the Awards Meter found that five of the Academy’s 2012 chosen winners matched the popular opinion on Twitter.




As HP advances this creative technology, we can’t promise that Twitter users will become more accurate in predicting the Academy’s selections. However, the Awards Meter will continue to showcase our strong ability to provide instant data and real-time analysis to our corporate clients.


This Sunday, the Awards Meter will again use its unique language analysis technology to estimate sentiment scores for nominees in the most watched and sought-after categories. How? The app will accurately calculate words and tone in as many as one thousand tweets per minute, updating nominees on the leaderboard every few seconds.


The Awards Meter’s technology was developed by HP and Organic, a leading global marketing agency, with the language processing software developed by HP Labs.


Follow along this Sunday, February 24 before and during the film ceremonies and let HP show you its instant information capabilities. For example, watch the category leaderboards change or check out a specific nomination, complete with total number of analyzed tweets, percentage of sentiment and most popular words used to describe the nomination.

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