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Uptime Institute Recognizes HP with Green Enterprise IT Award for project in Bangalore, India

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HP has been designated the winner of the prestigious Uptime Institute 2012 Green Enterprise IT (GEIT) Awards competition in the IT Retrofit category for HP’s Data Center Transformation (DCT) project in Bangalore, India.


As one of India’s largest data centers, measuring 70,000 square feet, the HP Research and Development (R&D) data center is the crucial backbone for the development and testing of product innovations for HP enterprise solutions.


Over time as the data center grew to 12,000 servers and storage devices, running cost of the DC was very high and ineffective due to non standard policies, captive power usage, siloed hardware resource pools causing lower resource utilization and frequent DC outages interrupting Innovation.


A collaboration between HP Labs’ sustainable research group and the HP Enterprise Group R&D, the DCT project aimed to improve the efficiency of the infrastructure to optimize space, hardware usage and energy consumption has been implemented.

To address the critical energy issue, a 66KV substation was installed onsite to provide uninterrupted power supply. The DCT project used advanced software and sensing technologies to deliver cooling where it is needed most thereby reduce power consumption by 37 percent. Further, a significant hardware consolidation freed up physical space in the data center. Virtualization technologies and cloud services greatly improved efficiency with increased compute capacity as well as achieved higher utilization levels. This project has increased agility in IT services provisioning and transformed the user experience with quick turnaround tools & solutions.


The results: savings of almost $20 million and reduction of an estimated 115,105 tons of carbon dioxide emissions during a three-year period for the data center. With an efficient infrastructure, the IT team at HP’s R&D Center could focus on its most important goal of innovation.


The DCT project is a premier example of how HP is innovating new technology solutions that enable customers to work while reducing their environmental impact. Click here to read more about another HP sustainable data center in Fort Collins, Colo., which was also honored for its innovations to reduce environmental impact with a Ripple award.


The Uptime Institute’s GEIT Awards recognize projects, ideas and products that significantly improve energy productivity and resource use in IT, data centers and beyond. This year more than 100 organizations from 23 countries participated in the GEIT Awards from companies across the globe.


HP has been honored at the Uptime Institute Symposium, an influential thought-leadership conference serving the global data center industry, in Santa Clara, Calif., on May 14-17. 

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