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What is #1 on customers’ to- do lists? Innovation

Nina Buik, CMO of HP’s largest user community, Connect, explores how today’s HP customers are placing more emphasis than ever on innovation. Connect has over 55,000 members across 41 global chapters. Its mission is to help its members gain the most from their HP business technology investments through advocacy, community and education. 


Anyone who has ever worked or even stepped foot in Silicon Valley can tell you that the cultural vibe of the world’s foremost technology playground is like no other. From 20-something IPO millionaires to self-driving cars, innovation is the pulse of life in the valley.


For HP’s largest user community, Connect, innovation is an opportunity to help the companies they support be more efficient in their use of technology by creating new ways to improve processes and ultimately the customer experience. In the last issue of Connect Converge, Merritte Stidston, Director of Development Center Strategy & Operations at McKesson Corp noted, “[By implementing cloud technology from HP,] we can provision a typical development environment in 15 to 30 minutes, using templates for servers, storage and networking.” This enables McKesson to innovate continuously and solidify its leadership in the healthcare industry.


The thirst for innovation is apparent even in areas such as mission critical computing, which has traditionally been associated with terms such as “reliability” or “availability” but rarely “innovation.” IT architects, systems integrators and application developers are now finding unique ways to apply traditional hardware, software and networking to produce pleasantly unexpected results for enterprises in diverse industries. Connect member, University Hospitals (UH) of Cleveland, Ohio leveraged HP technology to provide continuous availability of radiology reports and images across all of its facilities by innovatively configuring and installing an online storage and Disaster Recovery site. The initiative eliminated downtime, enabled doctors to deliver consistent care to their patients and helped UH win HP and Intel’s 2012 Mission-Critical Innovation Award.   


Several of HP’s recent products have generated excitement among Connect members. HP’s Gen8 server line, launched earlier this year, boasts over 900 patents by HP labs and engineers. Now this is HP engineering at its finest!  A server that is energy efficient, reliable, fast, self-diagnosing and self-fixing (in some cases) as well as cost effective really gets our attention. Another exciting product innovation that sparked our interest was the recently announced Project Gemini, which allows customers to move from having tens of servers per rack sharing nothing, to thousands of servers per rack sharing nearly everything. 


At last month’s Discover event in Las Vegas, Meg Whitman assured customers that, “HP’s innovation engine is alive and well.” She also reaffirmed her commitment to organic innovation at HP, particularly in Big Data, Cloud and Security. As a long-time HP user and on behalf on HP’s largest user community, I am excited to see what else the future has in store for innovation at HP!

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