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What’s on the Horizon in Education? The New Media Consortium and HP Team up to Answer That Question

Since 2005, the non-profit The New Media Consortium has been developing the Horizon Report, one of the foremost authorities on the technology trends that will enable new approaches to learning and teaching.


For the second year, HP is proud to support the 2011 Horizon Report as part of our broader Catalyst Initiative to drive new approaches in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education. This year’s report found that collaborative, mobile and on-demand technology solutions are continuing to drastically change how the education process works – for the better. Specifically:


  • The continued proliferation of widespread internet access has made content more open and easily accessible to students worldwide
  • Cloud computing and mobile devices have driven an always-on mentality for students who wish to access their information where they want, when they want. This alters how educators approach the learning process all together.
  • Collaboration is as important as ever in education, with teams working more dynamically due to advances in technology


The Horizon Report also details a few 2011 Horizon Reporttechnologies to keep your eye on, with this year’s report including augmented reality and gesture-based computing, among others. Jim Vanides, HP’s program manager for the Catalyst Initiative, highlights his favorite picks from the Horizon Report on his blog, “Teaching, Learning, and Technology in Higher Education”.


As an extension of this annual report, HP is also pleased to support the Horizon Project Navigator, a dynamic social platform that allows users to dive deep into the work of the Horizon Project. More than just a portal, the Navigator also empowers users to contribute information and rate anything that exists in the dataset of the site. This is the kind of social and community-driven innovation that HP believes will help to drive widespread positive change in our world.

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