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Wrap Up Post: The Comeback Kid

This poem was written by Travis Gowin, HP Discover Employee Ambassador.


Well folks, here is another poem from Travis Gowin! On Wednesday, Travis’s poem about the partnership between HP and DreamWorks generated strong buzz on social media and in the blogosphere.


As HP Discover wraps up, we are happy to feature another poetic post from an employee ambassador that embodies the new optimism within HP. 


Without further interruption, we present to you The Comeback Kid:


As the crew packs things up at HP Discover,

there’s no doubt in my mind HP will recover.

There have been miscalculations and the wrong CEOs,

yet as we’ve all seen before, that’s how business can go.

Everyone loves great products, innovation and a comeback,

so you can’t say it’s a corporate return that we lack.

We’re revamping our image, a company makeover.

Sometimes in the weeds you find a four leaf clover.

We believe in our people and strong leadership too,

so I think that my blood has turned HP blue.

Please just stick with us and don’t be impatient.

I can assure you, we’ve not grown complacent.

Our stock price will rise and make a rebound,

while news shows will talk and trumpets will sound.

Meg Whitman will lead us and deserve all the praise

just like our role models, the great Bill and Dave.

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