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Focus on Energy Efficiency at the World Economic Forum

Davos 3.JPGWe’ve reached the halfway point at the World Economic Forum and are celebrating the great work that our employees do, not only here in Davos this week, but also throughout the year.


As we’ve previously discussed, HP’s commitment to the World Economic Forum goes well-beyond attending the Annual Meeting in Switzerland. We have employees around the globe and in numerous different divisions who work with WEF to create meaningful thought-leadership, contributing their expertise and knowledge skills to augment issues about which WEF advocates.


Today, during a private review session for delegates attending WEF, the NEA (New Energy Architecture) report was released for discussion. The NEA was developed with key insights from HP’s Juergen Arnold, Chief Technology Officer, Enterprise Servers, Storage and Networking. The report is designed to help build a methodology to assist decision-makers make the transition to energy efficiency and Arnold’s work examines the role that ICT (information, communication and technology) plays as being a key enabler for transformation of energy systems. 


After collecting feedback from today’s review at WEF, the report will incorporate the changes before releasing to the public.


Creating sustainable solutions that are helping to meet the world’s growing need for new and efficient ways of living and working has long been a priority for HP. Our customers are cutting their technology energy consumption and costs by more than half with energy efficient products. In fact, our products are on average 50% more energy efficient today than they were in 2005.


Now that’s transformation. 

HP Chairman Ray Lane Discusses Emerging Markets at the 2012 World Economic Forum

We’ve just finished the second full day at the World Economic Forum and HP’s delegation has been busy meeting with customers and partners, speaking on panels, and attending sessions.


Today, HP Executive Chairman Ray Lane participated on a panel entitled “Learning from the Frontier,” a thought discussed how emerging markets are reshaping technology and business models.


Lane was joined by the following panelists:


  • Paolo Benigno Aquino IV, Co-Founder and President, MicroVentures, Philippines
  • Victor J. Dzau, President and CEO, Duke University Medical Center and Health System, Duke University
  • Lee Kai-Fu, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Innovation Works, People’s Republic of China
  • John Rice, Vice-Chairman, General Electric Company, Hong Kong SAR


HP has long believed that technology plays an important role in the development of emerging markets. As a result, HP established a dedicated team – the Growth Market Organization led by Brian Humphries – which is focused on growth markets, infrastructure, universities and commercial enablement.


With the advent of connectivity and cloud computing, there is revolutionary technology that can be brought to bear to address areas like education and infrastructure much less expensively. This creates vast new opportunities for web-based businesses and public sector services such as healthcare. When access to information and communication is made easier, ideas can propagate and build upon one another and all parties involved benefit.


HP has a number of innovative initiatives in emerging markets, for example, HP SiteOnMobile is helping to bring internet access to countries like India, where access is still very limited. SiteOnMobile now delivers internet on ultra low-cost, basic cell phones, thereby enabling access to web services to the next billion internet users.


HP believes that a society that fosters entrepreneurship fuels greater economic growth and in turn, generates jobs. We innovate, design, produce and sell our products in these markets around the globe.

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Day 1 at the World Economic Forum

(above: Davos, Switzerland.  credit: WEF)


Greetings from Davos, Switzerland and the first day of the 42nd World Economic Forum (WEF) Annual Meeting!

Long considered one of the leading global gatherings of business, political, religious and intellectual leaders, WEF is one of the best settings for HP to engage top customers, government leaders and key influencers. A delegation of HP executives, led by Executive Chairman Ray Lane, will spend the next few days developing customer and partner relationships, participating on WEF panel discussions and sharing their viewpoints on this year’s theme, The Great Transformation: Shaping New Models.

HP executives will discuss technology’s role in transforming society, from lowering the barrier of entry for entrepreneurs in high-growth markets to advancing human progress through meaningful technology.


HP executives onsite in Davos include:


  • Ray Lane, Executive Chairman
  • Jan Zadak, executive vice president, Global Sales 
  • Yves de Talhouet, managing director, HP EMEA
  • Eric Cador, senior vice president, PSG EMEA
  • Gregg Melinson, vice president, Government Relations

Developing Shared Value Strategies

Earlier today, Yves de Talhouet participated in a session entitled “Developing Shared Value Strategies.” Organized by the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship, the session explored how companies can better utilize their corporate assets to generation benefits for the company and for society.

This session was particularly important to HP as the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship was one of the first formal partnerships forged by HP’s Global Social Innovation team in 2009. Collaboration with organizations such as the foundation and its community of 200 social entrepreneurs has been a fundamental component of HP’s vision and implementation of creating shared value.

Harvard Business School professor Michael Porter, the architect of the creating shared value model, participated in the session as well and heard the progress that HP and others have made.

HP and the World Economic Forum:

HP has been a member of the WEF community since 1980. In 2003, the company was named a Strategic Partner, joining a select group of 100 companies handpicked for their alignment with WEF’s commitment to improving the state of the world.

In addition to the Annual Meeting in Davos, throughout the year WEF hosts regional summits and councils around the globe, convening key decision-makers from government, industry, civil society and academia to address regional challenges and align stakeholders. Across the company, HP employees work with WEF on global and regional projects throughout the year, helping to set the intellectual agenda of WEF’s programming and publications. For example, HP Fellow Steve Simske is a member of the WEF Global Agenda Council on Illicit Trade.

For more information about the World Economic Forum, click here.

HP and Forbes Insights: The New Social Innovation Paradigm

HP Co-founder Dave Packard once said, "The real reason HP exists is to make a contribution, to improve the welfare of humanity.”


We are not only interested in continuing that tradition at HP but how the idea of social innovation is evolving in the conscientiousness of today’s corporate world. We recently partnered with Forbes Insights to examine the topic and also to share some of the work we do at HP in this study: “The New Paradigm: Volunteerism. Competence. Results.”  


The results show that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs have come a long way.  Companies are no longer writing checks to groups and organizations without understanding their cause or plans to thrive in an ever-changing world.  As the Forbes report found, companies are addressing environmental and social responsibilities by incorporating opportunities to volunteer and social innovation into their philanthropic platforms – and more broadly into the business itself.


We try to tip that old fashioned notion on its head here at HP. As Gabi Zedlmayer, vice president of HP’s office of Global Social Innovation, says in the report, “[Our work] is about mobilizing HP’s people and our technology and collaborating with leading organizations, governments and NGOs (non-governmental organizations) to provide solutions to some of the world’s biggest problems in global health, education and entrepreneurship.”


HP is working with global partners to advance HP technology  in numerous social avenues, including helpingto fight drug counterfeiting through a cloud based text system, reducing the spread of HIV through digital solutions, and accelerating education and entrepreneurship across the globe


Check out this site to learn more about HP’s social innovation programs. 

IPG is Sponsoring The HigherEdTECH Summit at International CES 2012

(This entry was posted by Alison Graves, Director of Communications for HP's Imaging and Printing Group)


Happy New Year! We’re packing our bags and hitting the road for the annual International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week. With Education a big focus for us in 2012, IPG is a proud sponsor of Robin Raskin’s HigherEdTECH Summit.


We are looking forward to the “From Dewey to Digital: Are e-books Tablets and Digital Content Coming of Age?” panel session and the discussion around how digital and print are transforming the learning experience in today’s higher education classrooms.


We’ll have more to come from this session, so check back here for additional CES and HigherEdTECH related updates as we report our findings. For real-time updates on HP IPG’s activities at CES, be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook.


(Editor's note: for info on PC's at CES, check out HP's The Next Bench blog)

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HP Labs calls on world’s brightest minds to drive innovation

(above: HP Labs in Palo Alto, California)


HP Labs has issued the Call for Proposals in its annual Innovation Research Program, creating opportunities at colleges, universities and research institutes around the world to engage in collaborative research with HP.


Now in its fifth year, the program provides cash support, typically in the range of USD $50,000 - $75,000 per year, to fund a graduate student and a principal investigator in conducting a research project with HP Labs.


Among the criteria is a call for research that is innovative, ambitious and has a scientific and societal impact.


Some 27 topic areas are listed, linked to nine main areas of HP Labs research; Cloud & Security, Information Analytics, Intelligent Infrastructure, Mobile and Immersive Experience, Nanoelectronics, Printing and Content Delivery, Services Research, Social Computing and Sustainability.


Last year HP funded 62 projects at 51 universities.


“Opening up our innovation process helps bring an important external perspective to our research, as well as providing opportunities for academic and business collaboration,” commented Prith Banerjee, head of HP Labs. “Disruptive innovation comes from great minds working together, which includes HP’s researchers as well as people from the best universities in the world."


Important dates:

Week of 2 January 2012: Proposal submission system opens

Friday, 27 January 2012: Deadline for abstract submissions

Monday 27 February 2012: Notification of abstract decision begins

Friday, 30 March 2012: Deadline for invited full proposal submissions

Monday, 23 April 2012: Notification of 2012 award decision begins

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