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Security Solutions: HP Helps Protect What Matters


Security breaches are increasingly disruptive to small businesses, governments and large corporations. These threats can damage an organization’s reputation and even hurt shareholder value. If that's not scary enough, the costs associated with these breaches can be huge and often expose organizations to litigation.
According to a recent study conducted by the Ponemon Institute, the average data breach event in the United States costs an organization $8.9 million. HP understands that it's essential to avoid these expenses.
So how are we addressing this vital need?
This week, HP unveiled a new set of security services that help organizations respond to, remediate and mitigate the impact of security breaches. 
The HP Security Breach Management Solution combines our services expertise with security intelligence software to offer a comprehensive approach to protecting what matters most to organizations. It also provides clients with security intelligence to more quickly identify a breach and react to it, as well as minimize its impact and reduce ongoing exposure from vulnerabilities.
According to Andrzej Kawalec, chief technology officer of HP Enterprise Security Services, “[i]t's nearly impossible for organizations to prevent a breach, but they can take control of how they respond. Combining HP’s portfolio of services and software, the HP Breach Management Solution arms clients with the tools and resources to monitor, manage and respond to breaches head on, minimizing their impact while readying for the next attack.”

Our Record: HP Recognized in Top Privacy Study

At the heart of every relationship that HP shares with its customers is trust. That's why we're honored to learn that the Ponemon Institute, a leading research firm, has ranked HP in the top 5 most trustworthy companies for 2012. This year's study positioned HP as the second most trusted company for privacy issues. 


The Most Trusted Companies for Privacy Study ranks the 20 most trusted businesses according to consumers. Many of this year's highly ranked firms come from the technology industry.


According to the study, "[m]ore than 100,000 adult-aged consumers were asked to name up to five companies they believe to be the most trusted for protecting the privacy of their personal information. Consumer responses were gathered over a 15-week period concluding in December 2012 and resulted in a final sample of 6,704 respondents who, on average, provided 5.4 discernible company ratings that represent 25 different industries."


As for the findings, 73% of respondents identified "substantial security protections" as their top concern. This an area that HP will aim to continuously excel in. 


HP has consistently ranked among the top 10 in in recent years. That's something that our employees, partners, customers and stakeholders should be proud of! 


Take a look at the full list of rankings below:































Source: Ponemon Institute


HP Helps Fuel Environmental Responsibility

image-es-app-dev-imds-chap_tcm144-871809.jpgHP is company that has never run away from tough challenges. We believe in our technology solutions, our people and our commitment to social impact. That's why we are helping 34 of the world’s leading car manufacturers eliminate harmful substances from the automotive supply chain by hosting the International Material Data System (IMDS) for the next five years.


The IMDS is a shared service that helps the world’s leading automotive manufacturers and more than 100,000 companies in the vehicle supply chain meet regulations related to hazardous substances. By supplying more than 40 million data sheets that list the details of every substance involved in the manufacture of all components, the IMDS helps prevent the use of heavy metals -- such as cadmium, lead, mercury and hexavalent chromium -- and ensures that reportable substances are declared for recycling.


Under its contract, HP Enterprise Services will continue to develop, maintain and host the IMDS global data repository. We're proud of this commitment!


“Previously, OEMs all had their own lists of prohibited and reportable substances, which made it difficult to identify them in the supply chain,” said Matthew Griffin, representative, Jaguar Land Rover, and speaker, IMDS Steering Committee. “The IMDS provides a standardized format for exchanging material information throughout the manufacturing process, making it easier for the automotive industry to comply with legal requirements in a cost-efficient manner.”


The IMDS has been adopted as the global standard for reporting material content across the automotive industry. Automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) throughout the world have now joined original sponsors BMW, Daimler, Ford, Opel, Porsche, Volvo and VW. HP looks forward to helping these car manufacturers meet their commitment to recycle 95 percent of the mass of each vehicle sold by 2015.


“The automotive industry needs to meet constantly changing legislation and increase the amount of recycling from old cars,” said Oliver Bahns, worldwide director, Automotive and Aerospace, HP. “HP has worked closely with the industry for the past 12 years to ensure that the IMDS provides clear information concerning the materials used in all components of a vehicle through every stage of the supply chain.”

HP and SHARE INDIA: Bringing eHealth Solutions to Rural Areas

doctor.JPGInnovation comes in many shapes and sizes. From creative products to dynamic technology services, HP and its partners lead the way when it comes to bringing great ideas to life. That's exactly what we aim to accomplish in rural India through one of our newest partnerships!


In 2013, HP and SHARE INDIA plan to work together to improve  quality healthcare access in rural areas. SHARE INDIA is a non-government organization (NGO) that's been recognized as a Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (SIRO) by the Government of India's  Ministry of Science & Technology. Based on a signed memorandum of understanding, we will collaborate to deploy HP’s cloud-enabled healthcare solutions in  Andhra Pradesh.  


The new eHealth Center is expected to give close to 20,000 people across 10 villages an opportunity to receive quality diagnosis and treatment from doctors seated at a telemedicine studio in SHARE INDIA - MediCiti Hospital at Ghanpur Village in Medchal Mandal, Ranga Reddy District of Andhra Pradesh.


Patients will have direct interface remotely with doctors through a video conferencing-facility and will be assisted on-the-ground by interns, paramedics and nurses from the MediCiti Institute of Medical Sciences (MIMS). MIMS will also provide weekly supplies of medicines and other consumables to the eHealth Center.


“Over the past decade, [our organization] has worked extensively to understand and resolve the challenges in delivering accessible and affordable healthcare to remote locations. Technology plays a crucial role in facilitating effective and sustainable solutions for this, and our partnership with HP is a significant step towards providing quality medical treatment to the under-privileged in rural India,” said Dr. P.S. Reddy, Chairman of SHARE INDIA.


What's on the horizon? HP and SHARE INDIA are planning to roll-out similar initiatives in other parts of Andhra Pradesh, the north-eastern states of India and Rajasthan.


According to Dr. Jaijit Bhattacharya, Director of Government Advisory for  South Asia HP, the "cloud-based e-health solution is a potential game-changer and reaffirms HP’s vision that innovating technology can strengthen healthcare systems and improve access to medicines, quality treatment and better care.”


HP Technology Walks "Project Runway"

envy1_tcm_245_1301471.jpgLast night, HP technology made its return appearance on the 11th season of Lifetime's Emmy® Award-nominated hit “Project Runway.” This marks the fifth time that our technology has been a part of the compelling fashion competition. HP is very proud of this recognition, which really highlights our intended impact on the creative arts!

As many of you know, “Project Runway” is at the forefront of the fashion and technology industries. HP's capabilities help the show’s contestants make technology matter in their work by integrating it into fashion’s creative process.

“Whether providing superior ability to sketch on the HP ENVY TouchSmart UltrabookTM or delivering crisp and unique prints, HP and Intel’s innovative technologies [...] help play an essential role in the show’s creative process,” said Chris Bohrer, HP's Worldwide Director of Consumer PC Marketing.

Meryl Poster, President of Television at The Weinstein Company, was equally excited: “We are again delighted that HP will join us as a sponsor of "Project Runway."

Some of the HP products showcased last night include the HP TouchSmart, HP ENVY x2, HP ENVY TouchSmart Ultrabook, HP Elitebook and HP ENVY Spectre XT Ultrabook. Later this season, the HP ENVY All-in-one PC will be used to make textile pattern ideas. All of these will be integral to the contestants’ design process.

Between the charisma of host Heidi Klum and the creativity of the show's amazing designers, HP will certainly be in good company all season long!

From Patents to Product Leadership

When Meg and the executive team developed our strategic turnaround plan in 2012, the term "product leadership" began to echo throughout HP facilities around the globe. Leadership and employees understood that in order to meet customer demands quicker than our competitors, we would need to maintain the highest level of innovation. 
When it came to innovation in 2012, HP showed promising growth on the patent front. According to IFI Claims Patent Services,  HP obtained 1,394 patents in 2012. That's a 7% increase from 2011.
Last year, we were also named to the Thomson Reuters Top 100 Global Innovators list for the second consecutive year. That acknowledgement was another reminder of HP's long-term viability and renewed commitment to product leadership.
Although the recognition is terrific, we're not resting on our accolades. We are leveraging our growing patent portfolio to develop new hardware, software and IT solutions. That's the key to accelerating the HP turnaround.
By continuously developing world-class products within our business units and in collaboration with partners, we're positioned to reach a new level of product leadership during our turnaround.


Driving Innovation: HP's Printing and Personal Systems Group

Want to know about the hot items coming out of HP's Printing and Personal Systems Group (PPS) in the coming months and years? Get a glimpse from Todd Bradley, Executive Vice President of PPS, in this video from HP's 2012 Global Influencer Summit in Shanghai, China.


Todd discusses our commitment to the PC business and the role PPS will have going forward. From consuming content to sharing vital data, the personal computing and printing worlds require constant innovation in order to remain ahead of costumer demands. HP is positioned to foster that type of innovative vision.


As a cornterstone of our turnaround, we're doubling down on product leadership through robust creativty. Todd's vision will lead that creative drive within PPS.




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