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A renewed commitment to innovation at HP as HP Labs Turns 45

HP Labs Directors_2_Dec 19 2011.jpg

From left to right: current HP Labs Director, Prith Banerjee, former Labs directors
Richard Lampman (1999-2007), Frank Carrubba (1987-91), Joel Birnbaum (1984-86 and 1991-99),
Don Hammond (1986-87), and John Doyle (1981-84)


On Monday, December 19, HP Labs held a special event at the company’s headquarters honoring innovation as well as former Labs Directors Richard Lampman (1999-2007), Joel Birnbaum (1984-86 and 1991-99), Don Hammond (1986-87), Frank Carrubba (1987-1991) and John Doyle (1981-84). 

In honor of the 45th anniversary, Prith Banerjee, SVP of research and director of HP Labs noted, “It’s clear that innovation once again really matters at this company and under the leadership of CEO Meg Whitman, HP is stressing its intention to bring the very best in novel technologies to the global marketplace.”


That leaves HP Labs with a clear charge, Banerjee believes. “Our mission is to create absolutely disruptive innovation beyond the current road map of products,” he explained in a recent interview with MIT’s Technology Review.


Read more about Meg Whitman’s charge to HP Labs, the anniversary and the long history of disruptive innovation at the company’s central research arm here.

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webOS goes open source: FAQ’s

Today HP announced that it will contribute the webOS software to the open source community.


For those unfamiliar with the concept of open source software – or who are current webOS users – we’ve provided answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.


For more information, read today's press release.


What does it mean to make webOS “open source”?

Broadly speaking, “open source” refers to a form of software licensing wherein the source code is available for use and improvement by anyone choosing to download it.


Developers typically share their enhancements with the rest of the community resulting in a product refined through community collaboration.


An example of popular open source software is the Firefox web browser.


What does this mean for current owners of webOS devices, like the Touchpad?

Users of webOS devices will continue to receive software improvements and updates in the future.


HP expects that making webOS open source will accelerate the development of the webOS platform and application ecosystem, which will benefit current and future users.


HP plans to remain active in the development and support of webOS.


Will HP begin making webOS devices again?

As webOS gains traction as an open source alternative in the marketplace, you could see webOS on several different types of devices by any number of vendors.


We will explore the viability of putting webOS on devices, just as we do for other leading operating systems.

Patricia Dunn Passes Away

HP today issued the following statement:


"Pattie Dunn worked tirelessly for the good of HP. We are saddened by the news of her passing, and our thoughts go out to her family on their loss."


Pattie was a director at HP from 1998 to 2006, and was the non-executive chairman of the board at HP from 2005-2006.

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