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Social Benefits on a Global Scale

This article was written by Tony Prophet, Senior Vice President Operations at Hewlett-Packard.


HP products are made around the world, from Russia to Australia and from India to Brazil. We also have significant manufacturing operations in Asia, including China, Japan and Singapore. And yes . . . HP products are also made in the USA including Indianapolis and Houston.


Some of these operations are our own, but we also rely on manufacturing partners. HP has long embraced our responsibility to help improve the electronic industry’s social and environmental performance, specifically;

  • In 2003 HP developed a code of conduct for our suppliers, a first in our industry

  • We have conducted over 850 on-site supplier audits and published the results annually since 2005

  • We complement our auditing with collaborative capability building initiatives. HP has implemented 19 programs in 9 countries addressing a range of social and environmental issues including the prevention of discrimination, encouraging energy efficiency, and improving labor rights and women’s health awareness.

  • We have also targeted our efforts at addressing concerns about high risk worker segments including student workers in China and migrant workers in South East Asia.


Our programs are having an impact. For example, suppliers participating in our women’s health program and labor rights training are showing greater improvements in their audit scores and our supplier energy efficiency partnership has identified 25 million kwh of energy savings.


We have always believed that transparency is important. We have published our global citizenship report since 2001, with a focus on supply chain responsibility since 2003. We were the first electronics company to publish our list of suppliers in 2008 and have done so annually since. We were also the first company in our industry to publish our suppliers’ greenhouse gas emissions. 


We have been open and public with our efforts. As a founding and current board member of the Electronics Industry Citizenship Coalition we have led across our industry. Through our own programs, and as founding members of the Sustainable Trade Initiative for electronics, we have engaged NGOs and other stakeholders for their expertise in improving working conditions. And as an executive board member of the Global Social Compliance Programme we have contributed to driving responsible supply chains beyond our own sector.   We believe our actions can have an impact across the industry.


For example, in China, we recognized the high proportion of young migratory workers in the electronics industry was a driver of labor challenges in the coastal regions. In 2009, we began a journey to move some HP production inland in China, closer to the homes of these migratory workers.  We strove to build large scale world-class facilities in Chongqing, setting a new standard for working and living conditions.


To the industry, HP’s move to Western China was not initially intuitive. Limited transportation infrastructure and long distances from our supply network meant production costs were initially higher. But we stayed the course, and soon our manufacturing partners and many component suppliers followed. Today we are putting our products on trains from Western China, not people.


Our extensive audits show our operations are clearly not perfect.  Nonetheless, our objective is to build our products in operations where the working and living conditions lead the industry forward. We are committed to being a force for good in our industry wherever we operate around the world.

HP named to 2012 Top Innovators list

Thomson Reuters names Top Global 100


Every day, HP strives to pioneer new technologies and improve the lives of our customers. In recognition of this commitment, HP has been named to the Thomson Reuters Top 100 Global Innovators list for the second consecutive year. This recognition is a reminder of HP's long-term viability and unwavering commitment to combining innovation with business goals.


In being named to 2012 Top Innovators list, HP is positioned alongside a group of world-renowned leaders in innovation. Other companies honored include Google and Microsoft. The report states that “All [companies on the list] have one thing in common: those who innovate, and protect their inventions with IP rights, have greater chances for long-term success than those who don't.” 


But how does a study measure innovation? For an infrastructure technology company, the formula for innovation includes intellectual property and patent growth. Analysts and experts correlate robust intellectual property portfolios with growth and competitiveness.


That's why the Global Innovators List, which was first launched in 2011, is based on a series of patent-related metrics and multi-dimensional assessments that get to the essence of what it means to be truly innovative. According to Thomson Reuters, the evaluation criteria is:  


  • Success - The ratio of published applications (those patents which are filed and publicly published by the patent office but not yet granted) to granted patents over the most recent three years.


  • Global - Protecting an invention in major world markets is an indication of the significant value a company places on its intellectual property. The number of “innovative” patents that have quadrilateral patents in their patent families, according to the Thomson Reuters Quadrilateral Patent Index™, was calculated to create a ratio that shows which companies place a high value on their portfolios in major world markets.


  • Influence - The impact of an invention “down the line” can be determined by looking at how often it is subsequently cited by other companies in their inventions.


  • Volume - This award focuses on companies that are responsible for generating a sizeable amount of innovation. All organizations with 100 or more “innovative” patents from the most recent three years were included in our analysis. An “innovative” patent is defined as the first publication in a patent document of a new technology, drug, business process, etc.


Martin Fink, CTO and Director of HP Labs, views the honor as source of pride and motivation:


“This acknowledgment is a testament to the innovation ethic that’s been at the heart of HP since our founding. It's also a reminder of the core capabilities that exist across our business units and regions.  As we embark on 2013 and HP’s historic turnaround, this legacy of innovation will be core to our ability to deliver superior value to our customers.” 


The full Thomson Reuters report can be downloaded at


Also, many of the great technologies produced by HP this year were recently featured at Discover 2012 in Frankfurt. You can access a library of content and links on the Discover webpage, including this thought-provoking interview with Martin Fink.

Discover 2012: A Poetic Farewell

This poem was written by Travis Gowin, HP Discover Employee Ambassador.


As 2012 winds down and we complete our Discover coverage, it's time for one last poem from Travis Gowin. His poetic posts generated excitement and buzz within the blogosphere earlier this month, so Data Central is happy to bring you the encore!


So without further ado, here is Travis's Discover 2012 wrap-up poem:


If I described Discover to those who are skeptic,

I'd sum it up in one word and call it EPIC.

From the moment I got there and met my new friends,

I couldn't help but dread the untimely end.

Great memories were made and bonds were created.

We all work for HP so we’re kind of related.

We heard some great speakers, met CEOs

and saw unveiling of products, even played in the snow.

Sat in the front row of the All Employee Meeting

and learned “Guten Tag” was a warm German greeting.

But now that it’s over, I'm back to the grind

and it seems rather hard to leave Discover behind.

I will take what I’ve learned and “Make it Matter.”

Just like HP is doing, as we write our new chapter.

I’m Meg’s biggest fan and won’t find it surprising

when our sales keep increasing and our stock price is rising.

So just remember at the next sales hurrah,

you heard it first via the poet from Arkansas!

Discover 2012: Leadership View with Peter Ryan

This article was written by Valerie Huang, HP Discover Employee Ambassador.   


keynote-speaker-ryan.jpg“HP is well and alive!”  That was the instant response from Peter Ryan, Senior Vice President and General Manager for HP EMEA Enterprise Group and Managing Director for HP EMEA, when asked about one key message he would like to convey to all employees. "Our customers love our innovative technologies, and we have a clear strategy to turn the company around," Peter added. 


Peter pointed out that confidence in HP was on full display in Frankfurt, with 9,000+ delegates in attendance . Did you know that's a 30% increase from the last Discover conference in Las Vegas? Wow!


According to Peter, the clear strategy and direction conveyed by Meg Whitman has also helped to build customers’ confidence.  That's why when I asked about his Discover highlight, he pointed to showcasing new products and technologies in one place to the world's greatest customers. That brings the idea of "One HP" to a whole new level!


In all, I was blown away by Peter's candor and enthusiasm.  While Meg and HP leaders acknowledge that recent challenges have caused share prices to decline, leadership now has a very clear, strategic direction. This has been communicated as HP's 5-year turnaround plan. 


HP has completed the FY12 journey and now it's onto the “Fix and Rebuild” stage in FY13.  After speaking with Peter, I know leadership and employees will make it matter!



Amazing Discoveries from Frankfurt

484275_445002482216295_1147483666_n.jpgThis article was written by Leonard van Domselaar, HP Discover Employee Ambassador.   


In my application to be a HP Discover ambassador, I wrote I wanted to learn everything I could about HP's employees, customers and emerging technologies.


The Employees

When I returned to work following my trip to Frankfurt, I naturally bragged about meeting Meg Whitman, having lunch with Tracy Keogh and engaging with several global account managers. Who wouldn't, right?


But above all else, I couldn't stop talking about my experience with the employees I met in the HP Discover Zone. It was there that I discovered our employees’ passion for innovation and their will to drive HP forward with new and better technologies.


Next to that, there was the amazing ambassador team! Ten people from all over the world, with the same enthusiasm and determination to report back to their colleagues about Discover 2012. 


All in all, I just can't say enough about HP employees!


The Customers

I met several customers at HP Discover. Some I started chatting with before and after breakout sessions, others I met down in the Discover Zone. In my work environment, we offer certain services to specified customers, but HP Discover opened up my eyes to our enormous and diversified customer base.


I loved my time interacting with HP's customers! The highlight of this experience occured when I interviewed Interoute's Director of Channel & Alliances. I really gained great customer insight and enjoyed the learning experience.


The Latest Technologies

Wow! I was like a kid in Disneyland there in the Discover Zone. I was completely speechless after seeing all the products, services and technologies that HP has to offer. I knew they existed, but seeing them all together in one place was just mind-blowing. I regret not checking out every technology on display, but there was just not enough time.


Let’s just say it gives me great motivation to try to attend one of the next HP Discover events!


Wrap Up

And then comes that point when you have to say goodbye to the team you worked and lived with the last couple of days. Saying goodbye has never been my strong suit. I always fling out an awkward “keep in touch” or “see you later.”


In reality, it is difficult to keep in touch with colleagues and friends you meet from different parts of the world, but our ambassador team definitely struck a connection that will go a long way.


HP Discover, it was a pleasure!

HP's Converged Cloud: Social Innovation at its Best

David Packard once said, "The betterment of our society is not a job to be left to a few. It is a responsibility to be shared by all." That philosophy still resonates at the core of every HP office and business unit around the globe.


Dave certainly would have been proud to see employees reinforcing HP's commitment to sustainability and social innovation during HP Discover 2012.
In fact, this video is just one of many that features employees discussing the societal benefits created by HP products.
Watch Christian Verstraete and a team of HP experts answer the following:
  1. How is HP Converged Cloud changing the lives of 2.2 million people?
  2. Why does this technology relate to sustainability and social innovation?
  3. What drives HP to balance business values and social benefit goals? 

Leading the Way: HP Takes Social Innovation Global

What does it mean to be a global citizen in an increasingly competitive business climate? Since Bill and Dave first flicked on the lights of innovation in 1939, HP has utilized groundbreaking technologies to meet the challenges posed by our ever-changing world. This means aligning business goals with real social benefits!


As the calendar turns to 2013, HP leadership still holds the belief that products must make a positive difference in the lives of customers. New challenges posed by population growth and energy shortages have only strengthened this philosophy.


Gabi Zedlmayer, Vice President of HP's Sustainability & Social Innovation team, recently reinforced HP's commitment to global citizenship during Discover 2012 in Frankfurt, Germany. In this video, Gabi explains how HP is leveraging technologies to improve access to vital resources across the globe.

The CIO’s New Year’s Resolutions: Security and Cloud

This article was written by Nina Buik, CMO of Connect.


With the New Year just around the corner, now is the time for one of the most important activities of the year – setting resolutions for 2013. To gain insight into the leading IT resolutions for 2013, HP’s largest business technology user community, Connect, performed a survey of its global members to uncover the key priorities and biggest roadblocks for IT projects in the New Year.


It’s no surprise that cloud and virtualization were listed as hot topics for the upcoming year. However, security was actually the leading IT priority, with 46 percent of respondents identifying it as one of their top IT projects for 2013.


What this tells us is that, yes, everybody is looking at embracing innovations, such as cloud, but the challenge is how to do that securely. In terms of inhibitors, the number one pain point customers are facing is budget constraints – with an astonishing 75 percent of respondents citing it as a major roadblock for adopting new technologies.


Based on these findings, CIOs are looking for new ways to minimize risk and overcome budget constraints by driving efficiency and doing more with less. These were key topics of conversation at last week’s HP Discover Frankfurt and Meg Whitman’s keynote. HP continues to develop new technology and services to help customers find new ways to securely improve their bottom line.


Despite great innovations from vendors like HP, CIOs can’t do it alone. That’s where communities like Connect come in.


Over the past three years, Connect’s community has grown by 19,000 members. Our community represents active and engaged HP business technology professionals united in their desire to achieve organizational and personal objectives by maximizing the ROI attainable from HP technologies. They share best practices, learn from each other’s expertise and forge strong partnerships with HP to identify new ways to achieve their IT goals.


As far as our resolution for Connect – we look forward to another year of working with our dedicated members to help to help them advance their careers, drive efficiency in their organizations and develop the best IT solutions for their businesses!

HP Sponsors Study of ICT’s Role in Reducing Emissions

Leaders from nearly 200 countries recently gathered in Doha, Qatar to discuss global impacts and negotiate policies to reduce global emissions at the 18th session of the Conference of the Parties (COP18) to the United Nations Framework Convention for Climate Change. They faced a daunting reality: global carbon dioxide emissions hit record highs in 2011 and are expected to continue their upward climb in 2012, according to The New York Times.


During the event, a new study, entitled “GeSI SMARTer 2020: The Role of ICT in Driving a Sustainable Future,” was unveiled. The study shows how information and communication technology (ICT) has the potential to reduce global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 16.5 percent by 2020. Conducted by TheBoston Consulting Group, a leading management consulting firm, on behalf of the Global e-Sustainability Initiative (GeSI), the study was sponsored by HP and other leading ICT companies.


The new research identifies potential GHG reductions from ICT-enabled solutions in six areas: power, transportation, manufacturing, consumer and service, agriculture, and buildings. As one of the world’s largest providers of IT infrastructure, software, services, and solutions, HP is in a unique position to respond to the challenges outlined in the study.


In fact, we work to combine the expertise of our people, our technology portfolio, and collaborative partnerships to create environmental solutions that reduce impact and expand opportunities for our business, our customers, and the world. For example:


  • The HP POD 240a—also known as the HP EcoPOD—is a modular, ultra-efficient data center that uses 95 percent less facilities energy compared with legacy data center designs while still maintaining peak performance.(1)
  • HP Managed Print Services helps organizations save up to 30% in printing costs overall, millions of pages in reduced paper waste, and up to 80% in energy consumption.(2)
  • HP energy management services, such as HP Energy and Sustainability Management and HP Carbon Emissions Management Service, help customers measure and manage energy consumption and carbon emissions across the entire IT organization.
  • We help people and businesses shift to digital on-demand printing technology—including the HP Inkjet Web Press and HP MagCloud self-publishing web service—enabling them to reduce their carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) emissions.

 Learn more about the GeSI SMARTer 2020 plan online—and read about several HP innovations by visiting our online Tech Gallery.


(1) New POD technology from HP offers 95 percent greater energy efficiency compared with a traditional brick-and-mortar data center, based on internal HP testing.

(2) Estimated energy and paper savings based on analysis of select HP Managed Print Services (MPS) customers’ imaging and printing operations using data gathered on devices and paper consumption, and comparing with post-MPS actuals or projections. Results depend on unique business environments, the way HP products and services are used, and other factors. Overall printing costs are unique to each company and should not be relied on for savings you may achieve. According to industry analysts, savings of up to 30% are typical with managed print services.

Making IT Innovation Count: HP FlexNetwork Utility Advantage Program



Did you know the average enterprise spends less than 30% of its IT budget on innovation?*  That means many enterprises currently lack sufficient capital for network investments that support cloud, mobility, rich media and bring your own device capabilities. That’s quite a problem for any 21st century business!


Fortunately, HP has taken on this challenge. HP’s new FlexNetwork Utility Advantage Program could be the solution that communication service providers (CSPs) and their enterprise clients have been looking for. The program enables CSPs, in collaboration with HP, to help enterprise customers modernize networks through hardware and software solutions, with no upfront cost.


Enterprise customers enter into a on a pay-per-use agreement with their CSP for the managed network offerings they need to support initiatives that speed innovation. "With HP’s FlexNetwork Utility Advantage Program, we can close the gap in our managed service offerings to deliver a networking infrastructure that allows our customers to move beyond operations to innovation,” said Oliver Spring, head of Product Line Management, Swisscom.


But if that’s not enough, FlexNetwork also offers great WiFi advantages. CSPs leveraging the program can deliver a unified wired and wireless local area network (WLAN) solution for cloud services or applications, on a pay-per-use basis. That type of simplification and cost efficiency can go a long way to helping enterprises grow in other areas!


“We have seen increased enterprise adoption of cloud-managed pay-per-use wireless local area network offerings,” said Tim Zimmerman, vice president, Gartner. “We advise customers to deploy integrated wired and wireless networks with a single management application to deliver consistent services and simplify operations.”


Whether you’re an enterprise or CSP, this breakthrough has a lot to offer:


  • The HP FlexNetwork Utility Advantage Program is available worldwide through authorized CSPs.

  • Additional information for enterprises interested in learning how HP FlexNetwork Utility Advantage Program can benefit them is available here.

  • Additional information for CSPs interested in participating in the HP FlexNetwork Utility Advantage Program is available here.


* Based on HP internal research.

Too many people, too few clinics: HP says eHealth Centers will “dramatically expand access”



How can IT help tackle one of today’s toughest challenges – the fact that, in many parts of the developing world, there are too many people in need of medical care and too few clinics?


HP is showing the world how, in collaboration with the government of India and The Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR). Together, they are providing affordable healthcare to communities that currently have none. Their recently announced solution – in essence – a very well-connected shipping container.


Simply transported by rail or road to remote communities, each container transforms on arrival into a sophisticated eHealth Center (eHC). There is a real need for this. Within just 100 days of operation in a resource-poor Indian village, the first center of its kind recorded an incredible 4,000 patient visits.


Each medically equipped container is fully integrated and cloud enabled. Staff are able to gather basic patient health data, and can send this from the eHC to any larger medical center or hospital. When medical diagnosis or a second opinion is required, they can consult with senior doctors by videoconference.


These rapidly deployable, fully integrated, cloud-enabled eHCs are set to “dramatically expand access, improve healthcare, and save lives,” says HP India’s Neelam Dhawan, Vice President and General Manager, Enterprise Group and Country Managing Director.


Read the CSIR and HP announcement here.


HP improves access, quality and efficiency of global health. Find out more.

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