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Léo Apotheker on servers in the age of the cloud: thoughts from the OnDemand conference

HP CEO Léo Apotheker HP Summit 2011


Earlier this week, veteran Silicon Valley media entrepreneur Tony Perkins took the stage to interview HP CEO Léo Apotheker at the OnDemand conference, hosted at HP headquarters in Palo Alto.  With over 70 venture-backed CEO’s in the audience, it was a typical Valley scene full of enthusiastic hallway conversations and bright ideas.

After recounting Léo’s career path prior to HP, Perkins focused on the company’s recently announced cloud computing strategy, asking if the market trend towards cloud computing threatens to “cannibalize” HP’s market-leading server business.

This line of thinking assumes that if more enterprise companies purchase IT as a service via the Internet, total demand for servers will stop growing. Servers were a ~$48 billion market in 2010.

Léo responded that for HP the important macro trend is overall demand for servers continues to grow.  Whether a server is in an enterprise client’s data center or the data center of a cloud service provider, it’s still a good market for HP.  “We’re just moving the revenue stream,” he said, adding that HP already counts seven of the world’s ten largest cloud service providers as customers.

What’s more, the proliferation of mobile devices is playing a complementary role.  The more people shift their IT consumption to cloud services accessed on mobile devices, “the more servers you need,” he said.

These very market dynamics were addressed head-on during HP’s March 14 strategy summit, where Léo and his senior leadership team publicly explained how HP’s core businesses provide the foundation to lead the two biggest technology trends of our time: cloud and connectivity.

By combining that core business foundation, the HP CloudSystem already shipping, a new suite of technologies delivered as a service, and connected mobile devices running webOS, HP’s portfolio would encompass the complete scope of what HP Chief Strategy & Technology Officer Shane Robison called the “cloud stack” – an integrated technology architecture for supporting today’s explosion of data and connectivity.

For more on HP’s Strategy Summit, watch Léo’s keynote here or the full event replay here.

For related HP Labs research on exascale datacenter architecture, read “HP nanotechnology research looks to sustain HP server market leadership for the long run.”

Cloud - HP Summit 2011

HP Labs researchers explore ways to unlock insights about home energy use

What simple changes could you make to reduce the energy you use in your home? Are your efforts to turn off the lights when you leave a room making a dent in your electricity bill and carbon footprint? Would it truly be “greener” to replace that old dishwasher with a more efficient model or to do your dishes by hand?


At today’s Unlocking Your Energy event in San Francisco, Chandrakant Patel, HP Senior Fellow and director of HP Labs’ Sustainable Ecosystems Research Group, will discuss a pilot research project underway that could one day make it easier to answer these questions.


Researchers in HP Labs have designed and deployed a proof of concept for a Home Energy Intelligence Service for remote monitoring and assessment of residential energy consumption patterns. The system combines a simple user interface with cutting-edge data mining and analytics to help identify patterns and provide insights on where energy consumption is taking place and what homeowners can do in response.


At the Service Research and Innovation Institute (SRII) Global Conference 2011 this week, the researchers will present a paper describing the project, the challenges they are tackling (like finding ways to use fewer sensors for highly accurate monitoring, and to pull info about different resources like water, gas and electricity into one view), and what they’ve learned from testing out this system in Bay Area homes over the past year.


The team’s goal is to turn the discovery of a home’s current usage patterns into a compelling experience that leads to energy savings with an aggressive payback for the investment.


You can read more news from the Unlocking Your Energy event here and check out a demo of the home energy management service below.


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