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HP Labs unveils research for Net Zero-Energy Data Center

HP today announced new research from HP Labs that unveils the architecture for a data center that requires no net energy from traditional power grids,  called the HP Net Zero-Energy Data Center.


In a data-driven world, the demand for IT services only continues to grow. These services, which are powered through large computer warehouses known as data centers, run everything from eCommerce and social networking applications to the computers that regulate our mass-transit systems. To power all these services data centers consume massive amounts of energy. As a result, the cost of IT services, and by extension the cost of energy, is prohibitive to widespread adoption globally.


The research shows how the architecture, combined with holistic energy-management techniques, enables organizations to cut total power usage by 30 percent, as well as dependence on grid power and costs by more than 80 percent.(1)


With today’s announcement, HP reaches another milestone by delivering innovation and research that rethinks conventional business models and creates opportunities to bridge growth with sustainability. 





(1) Based on internal HP testing and calculations in a lab environment, as compared to existing, nonintegrated techniques.


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