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HP Releases 2011 Global Citizenship Report

On June 11, HP issued its eleventh annual Global Citizenship Report, showcasing how our innovative technology, expertise, and influence have helped us meet milestones and aid people worldwide. The comprehensive report outlines our 2011 company global citizenship policies, programs, performance, and goals. Among the focus areas are environmental sustainability, ethics and human rights, supply chain responsibility, social innovation, and privacy.


We have had numerous accomplishments in 2011 to make a positive environmental impact, including reducing the energy consumption of HP products by 50 percent compared with 2005 – exceeding our original goal of a 40 percent decrease. We’re also addressing our own environment footprint across HP’s global operations by reducing energy consumption, GHG emissions, paper use, water consumption, and waste. These efforts have most recently resulted in a 20% reduction in 2011 GHG emissions for HP operations, as compared with 2005.

Our supply chain’s breadth and depth is a foundation of HP’s success, but it also brings challenges. We embrace our opportunity and responsibility to use our scale, purchasing power, and experience to help our suppliers improve their social and environmental responsibility (SER) standards and performance. Through our efforts, HP works to improve the lives of hundreds of thousands of people worldwide who make our products. The 2011 Global Citizenship Report addresses the full range of SER issues, as well as targeted programs on issues such as working hours, women’s health, and conflict minerals. We complement extensive and rigorous auditing with innovative and collaborative capability-building initiatives.


We are also harnessing our knowledge and expertise to make an impact in education, entrepreneurship, and health, and we harness the power of our employees to support communities worldwide. One example is our work to develop innovations that advance electronic and mobile health solutions and strengthen health systems globally.With the Clinton Health Access Initiative and the Kenyan government, we are automating testing processes to reduce the amount of time it takes to diagnose HIV-positive infants. By significantly speeding up the reporting of test results from several months to less than 30 days, HIV-positive newborns in Kenya get the treatment they need in order to survive.


Our report brings these successes to life with video perspectives from external stakeholders; profiles of HP employees who have contributed to global citizenship; and a gallery of HP products, services, and technologies that help customers improve their environmental performance.


To read the full report, please visit here:


We welcome your comments and feedback:


HP looks forward to continuing to create new possibilities for our technology to have a meaningful impact on people, businesses, governments, and society.

HP is Highest Ranked Electronics Company in Best Global Green Brands Ranking



For the second consecutive year, HP ranked the highest among electronics companies and again placed fifth overall after Toyota, Johnson & Johnson, Honda and Volkswagen on the 50 Best Global Green Brands 2012 list from Interbrand, a leading brand consultancy.  You can view our profile and others here.

In the ranking profile for HP, Interbrand highlights the installation of an EcoPOD next-generation data center in Georgia, which is the world’s most efficient datacenter, as well as the company’s environmental initiatives in packaging, “sales of green products,” product certification and life cycle analysis. It also references HP’s commitment to making a positive impact through energy efficiency in its portfolio, reduction of water use, water, greenhouse gas emissions and waste in its operations, and environmental improvement by partnering with transportation, logistics and other suppliers.

Companies were ranked based on consumer perceptions of environmentally sustainable activities in ten global markets and actual environment performance secured through publically available information and data. Full methodology can be found here.

HP wins Computerworld Honors Program Health Award for the Early Infant Diagnosis Program



June 4th was a proud day for HP with the announcement that an HP Sustainability and Social Innovation (HP SSI) initiative had placed first in the prestigious Computerworld Honors Program, Health category. This 24-year old program honors those who use IT to benefit society, and this recent award shines a spotlight on the successful Early Infant Diagnosis (EID) program. It’s the second time this initiative has gained international recognition – in April, it also won the Justmeans Social Innovation Award for Most Strategic Use of Philanthropic Funds.


Achieved through an alliance between HP, the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI), and the Kenyan government, the EID solution uses technology to improve diagnosis and treatment of HIV-positive infants. It speeds up the delivery of test results from months to just days – “a time difference that gives these babies the best chance of survival,” explains Mary K. Pratt in Computerworld (June 4, 2012). “Without early treatment, only half of HIV-positive infants are likely to survive past their second birthday.”


The HP initiative was judged alongside many other entries in the Health category, and in total Computerworld recognized 200 Laureates accomplishing great things by harnessing the full potential of technology.


Read Mary K. Pratt’s article about the Early Infant Diagnosis initiative:


More on the 2012 Computerworld Honors Program:


Watch this video to learn more about the Early Infant Diagnosis program:


Insight into the breadth and depth of HP SSI initiatives:

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