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Engaging and Energizing Experts for Superior Support

The award-winning HP Consumer Support Forum connects HP customers online to exchange insights, tips and answers to questions. Volunteer “HP Experts” are the heart of the Forum, providing 50%+ of the solutions. With the growth of the Forum, HP needed to energize and grow its base of Experts and created multiple activities, outlined in this Forrester Groundswell Award entry, to motivate Experts and extend their reach.

HP Support Forum Wins Forrester Award 2012

HP’s “PLEDGE” to Customers: Listen to Your Needs, Resolve Your Challenges

Since HP’s inception in 1939, customers have always been at the core of HP’s business.   As social channels have become an increasingly important customer communication vehicle, HP wanted to harness the listening potential of this medium to proactively resolve customer service and product quality issues, and extract insights from customer interactions to improve products, services and customer experiences. This Forrester Groundswell Award entry highlights PLEDGE and VoC, two HP initiatives working together to provide better insight into HP customer opinions, wants and needs while also supporting customers on the channels they frequent.

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