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Behind the news: how HP makes the cloud enterprise-grade

(Update: for more, read Tuesday's posts from our Enterprise Business bloggers...links are below)


Earlier today, HP announced a suite of new products and services that “make the cloud enterprise grade” and the media is buzzing with early reports from ForbesRead/Write Web, and Computerworld.

There’s loads of detail in the press release and media kit over in the HP Newsroom, but we’ve got a presentation here on Data Central that illustrates a uniquely HP perspective on “hybrid delivery” (a mix of “traditional,” and “cloud” delivery models):






As HP Enterprise Business executive vice president Ann Livermore says, “Cloud computing is going mainstream and HP is leading the way…HP has the enterprise experience, breadth of portfolio and global service delivery organization to lead our clients through this transformation.”

To learn a little more about what she means, read the rest of the slides below or check out the rest of today’s news.

The Path to Hybrid Delivery - HP Cloud Strategy and Solutions



For more insight on this announcement:

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HP brings improv comedy to the Internet era with YouTube, Rob Riggle, UCB, and ePrint


If you’ve ever seen an improvisational comedy performance (perhaps at The Groundlings in L.A. or Chicago’s Second City), you know that it isn’t a necessarily a passive experience.  The performers often rely on cues and suggestions from the audience to shape the storylines and jokes in real-time.

Although this kind of comedy has historically lent itself to small venues, later this week HP is taking this unique live experience worldwide and online.

Beginning Friday, January 21, at 3pm ET, members of the Upright Citizens Brigade will join actor Rob Riggle (The Hangover, The Daily Show) in performing audience-suggested improvisations on YouTube.


In a post today, tech blog Mashable explains:

“The two-hour show, dubbed HP ePrint Live, will be hosted by comedian Rob Riggle and simultaneously broadcast on the HP for Home Facebook Page.  Viewers can send in ideas for skits by e-mailing their submission to one of HP’s Internet-connected ePrint printers on the stage”

And the live show is just the start.  For the five days following, the UCB Theatre actors will continue to create custom comedy shorts on demand and at lightning speed. If a skit idea is selected for performance, it will be posted to YouTube and sent back to whoever suggested it.

Here’s how to get involved

Send a note, a picture, a song, a drawing -- whatever strikes you -- to (note – this email will not be live until launch on January 21st). If your suggestion is used, we’ll send you a video link to your own comedy masterpiece.

Watch HP ePrint Live on January 21st from 12-2pm PDT/3-5pm EDT on YouTube and Facebook. RSVP to the Facebook event or tune in to Twitter with @HP_IPG and hashtag #eprintlive.

Learn more about the talent

Rob Riggle - Home page, Wikipedia, IMBD, Twitter profile

Upright Citizens Brigade - Home page, Wikipedia


What is ePrint?

HP ePrint technology harnesses the cloud to allow people to securely send the files they want to print directly from their mobile devices to their printer’s email unique address. Each HP ePrint-enabled printer comes with its own unique email address.  If you can email it, you can print it.

More on the ePrint campaign

The New York Times advertising columnist Stuart Elliott dives deep on the marketing strategy behind HP ePrint Live in his January 17, 2011, column:

“A mainstay of early television – live commercials demonstrating products like Polariod cameras and Timex watches – is making a comeback, updated for a new century by migrating to new media.”

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Cloud Shoot Out

FedScoop’s Second Annual Cloud Shoot Out in Washington, D.C. brought 250 leaders from the federal government and IT industry together to discuss the key issues of portability, interoperability and security in Cloud Computing.


HP’s Jeff Bergeron, U.S. Public Sector Chief Technologist, joined the morning panel and shares some insight on cloud computing for government:

Storing the information explosion: HP to acquire 3PAR

518i5D0575411CCEE8AFBoth businesses and individuals are creating increasing volumes of data every day, and these data need to be stored somewhere before they can be turned into information that helps make better decisions.


Whether it’s by commercializing research from HP Labs (like StoreOnce) or through strategic acquisitions (like 3COM), HP’s role is to provide customers with technology that delivers better information faster and more efficiently.


Today, HP announced the acquisition of 3PAR, a self-described “utility storage” company whose technology offers just that kind of advantage.


(For a closer look at 3PAR’s technology, read “There’s something about 3PAR”, posted 8/23/10 to their official blog.)


Over the past 11 years, 3PAR has built some very unique solutions.  Added to HP’s unparalleled storage, server, and networking portfolio, 3PAR will accelerate the converged infrastructure strategy that is helping customers make sense of the information explosion.


***Read today’s press release for more information and disclosure related to forward-looking statements and solicitation.


We’ll continue to update this post with any new information that comes available.


What does “converged infrastructure” mean?

One of HP’s leading technologists, Charlie Bess of Enterprise Services, asked this very question in an interview he did with VP of Converged Infrastructure Doug Oathout earlier this week.  Here’s a few excerpts from their conversation:


[Editor’s note: the remarks below have been slightly edited for form]


Is Converged Infrastructure really the next big thing and if so, why?

Yes, it is the next big thing. The reason why is because IT (over the last 20 years) has been put together as a set of projects or silos and once deployed remained relatively static. That’s caused most organizations to be overprovisioned (wasting computing power).


The reason CI is the next big thing is because the applications can share the infrastructure more effectively. The applications can live and breathe. Smaller increments can be added or removed as needed.


What’s converging?

The converged part is bringing the server, storage and networking hardware together so that it can be broken up into smaller increments. Converged infrastructure also includes management software so that the applications can be moved around as needed to meet the service levels of the business.


Applications are now matched to the infrastructure and that is also matched to the needs of the business.


This is starting to sound like an infrastructure as a service…Is that right?

Yes, it definitely is.


How do you see CI generating new value within the client’s business?

When you can get to a converged infrastructure, you can more quickly bring web servers and business processes up in a short time. Its direct effect on time to market generates value.  If you want to start up a new business model, like moving to more web sales, the change can be made quickly. It also allows you to grow and scale as needed.


Does HP have a mechanism to allow clients to have more infrastructure capabilities on-the-fly?

DreamWorks is [a] good example. They connect to HP for about 20% of their [animation] rendering needs…Once you get the core infrastructure converged, you have additional flexibility so if you want to change the response time or power consumption for certain transactions you can dial it back or scale up as needed.

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