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Journalists Test the Limits of Publishing With HP MagCloud

longshot_cover.jpgWith the publishing industry in a state of uncertainty, one trend is offering a glimmer of hope: collaborative publishing.


This past weekend, a group of editors (from publications like Wired and The Atlantic), challenged themselves once again to create a magazine in just two days, first by issuing a 24-hour call for content – essays, reporting, pictures, graphics, etc. – around a specific theme and then giving themselves 24 hours to collaborate, compile, and deliver the final product.  The theme ("Comeback") was issued publicly Friday and the group met their deadline yesterday, resulting in Issue One of Longshot Magazine.


How is this all possible? 


Publishing is one industry where HP aims to leverage new technologies to transform how people access, share and consume information.  HP MagCloud, the self-publishing web service developed in HP Labs, is the tool bringing Longshot Magazine to life.


Using the MagCloud platform, Longshot Magazine editors Mathew Honan, Alexis Madrigal, and Sarah Rich, are able to develop a professional quality print publication and make it available to anyone in print the moment it is uploaded at the price of their choosing.  This print-on-demand fulfillment capability just isn’t possible with traditional print.


Together, Longshot Magazine and MagCloud are changing the way ideas, stories, and images find their way into people’s hands in a printed magazine format. This is the group’s second effort, after making Issue Zero over one weekend in May…for which more than 8,000 people signed up, 1,500 submissions came in, and 35 editors ultimately selected 70 pieces to fill a 60-page magazine.  Issue Zero garnered significant media praise and even took home a Knight-Batten Award for Innovation in Journalism.


Longshot Magazine is now available in print here. HP also recently released a free MagCloud iPad app, which offers a browsable magazine store, a rich issue-viewing experience, and a “Buy in Print” button that enables readers to buy any available digital magazine in print, including Longshot. Get it here.

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