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The growing importance of the CIO skillset (and other thoughts from David Kirkpatrick)

Next week, HP Chief Strategy and Technology Officer Shane Robison will join veteran technology journalist David Kirkpatrick for an interview at the debut of the Techonomy conference.


In addition to co-founding Techonomy, David is also the author of the newly published The Facebook Effect.  We caught up with him during a recent book tour through Palo Alto to learn about Techonomy's editorial agenda and preview his conversation with Shane:



In short, David says that the objective of the conference is to advance the notion that for humanity to solve the problems it faces, and for any business to remain relevant, leaders of all types must more aggressively embrace technology innovation, and not fear it “as they so often do.”


This notion is sometimes taken for granted in IT-centric Silicon Valley, but David emphatically makes the point that the pace and importance of technological change in business and society remains underappreciated.

Perhaps most interestingly, David suggests that for such changes to come to pass, “the kind of people that need to become CEO’s, should be CIO’s first.”


For more on the conference, tune in to CNBC or our live tweets from the event.

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