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In case you missed it - headlines from the 2010 holidays

Happy New Year to all from the HP communications team.  Here are few stories from the last two weeks that you may have missed:


All Things Digital interviews HP Networking head Marius Haas

Describing the challenge of competing with Cisco in the Enterprise Networking market as ‘daunting,’ All ThingsD’s New Enterprise columnist Arik Hesseldahl elicits some forthright responses from HP’s new head of Networking, Marius Haas.


“People are tired of paying for Cisco,” Haas tells Hesseldahl in a recent Q&A.

Marius Haas

“We like the position we’re in,” Haas adds. “We have all the things you need in order to bring together and deliver a sort of holistic kind of cloud strategy for customers. . . . No one else has that.”


Hesseldahl notes the uncertain market outlook reported by Cisco last quarter.  Won’t the same be true for HP?  “Our offering is resonating,” Haas counters.  “We don’t see the kind of slowness they are seeing.”




Engadget offers Palm phone apps, tips and tricks

“Just got a Palm phone?” asks Joshua Topolsky in an end-of-year item at Engadget.  If you did, Topolsky offers a neat round up of must-have apps, accessories and a few tips for getting the most out of your Pixi Plus, Pre Plus or Pre 2.

Among the apps he picks: Twee 2 which “has only gotten better” and the ‘slick, handsome’ Feeder.


When it comes to accessories, Topolsky especially likes the Touchstone charger.  “C'mon,” he says, “you've got a Palm device, now you're required by law to show everyone how awesome inductive charging is.”

HP Board sets annual meeting and record dates

The date is set for HP’s annual meeting.  It will be held on March 23, 2011 in Arlington, Va. All HP stockholders of record at the close of business on Jan. 24, 2011, are entitled to notice of the annual meeting and to vote upon matters considered at it.


HP Launches Cisco trade-in promotion

Shifting back to Networking, HP announced a “Catalyst for Change” trade-in program for qualifying US Customers last month.  Upgrade to HP from Cisco network gear and you’ll get 20% off the list price of a variety of HP switching systems.

In reporting the promotion, the Wall Street Journal speaks with Marius Haas, H-P senior vice president and general manager for networking.  "Cisco has never seen this level of competition before," Haas tells reporter Cari Tuna.


Digging deep into Facebook data

ReadWriteWeb’s Marshall Kirkpatrick called up data-expert and HP Labs Senior Fellow Bernardo Huberman after Facebook’s in-house data-mining team announced new findings drawn from an analysis of 1 million anonymized Facebook messages.


The analysis reveals some fascinating insights into human behavior and relationships, says Kirkpatrick. But he’s unhappy that Facebook’s keeping the original data set to itself. “Great opportunity is lost if the company fails to allow outside researchers to analyze this data as well,” Kirkpatrick argues. 


For corroboration he turns to Hubermann, whose Social Computing Research Group at HP Labs has in the past published noted research based on Facebook data sets.


Facebook's policy change, says Huberman, likely reflects the fact that "this data is amazingly important from a commercial point of view.”  But Kirkpatrick reports him as also being being ‘hopeful’ that Facebook will one day find itself able to be more altruistic.



NASAHP wins big NASA computing contract

An end-of-year announcement from NASA reveals that HP will soon “provide and manage most of NASA's personal computing hardware, agency-standard software, mobile information technology (IT) services, peripherals and accessories, associated end-user services, and supporting infrastructure.”


The contract will run from four to 10 years and has a maximum value of $2.5 billion. To win it, HP beat out incumbent contractor and Silicon Valley neighbor Lockheed Martin, notes the Wall Street Journal.


And finally – 3D Printing is JWT’s #1 Trend for 2011

The Intelligence Unit of marketing giant JWT produces an annual list of “100 things to watch” in the coming year.  Top of author Ann Mack’s list for 2011: 3D Printing.


“3D printers will come into mainstream use,” Mack predicts, while noting recent moves in the 3D print space by Google, Dutch startup Shapeways and HP


That makes sense to Alex Williams at ReadWriteWeb.  “3D printing is representative of services that use technology to change the means of production without the need to invest in expensive manufacturing equipment,” he writes


It’s an innovation that shows how technology can “intersect with the world for some amazing results,” adds Williams.  Discovering (and then building on) that intersection, he suggests, “can be transforming for an organization.”

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