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HP Ranked on Newsweek's Top Green List

(Posted by Engelina Jaspers, VP Environmental Sustainability, HP)


Yesterday, Newsweek announced their 2010 Newsweek Green Rankings. HP is honored to be recognized on the US Top 500 list, as well as ranked as part of the new Global 100 list. We’re also proud to note that among all the companies recognized, those in the technology industry ranked in 7 of the top 20 spots on the Global 100 list and 8 of the top 10 spots on the US 500 list. 

For decades HP has been a leader in environmental responsibility and has adopted practices in product development, operations and supply chain that are transparent and help to reduce its environmental impact.

These rankings are very helpful as a third party perspective on where we stand as companies against our peers. But more so it provides an opportunity to showcase the outstanding progress that companies are making in the area of green and sustainable practices.

The Smart2020 report by The Climate Group, with analytical support from McKinsey, estimates that the IT industry has the potential of reducing global GHG emissions by 15 percent from business as usual by 2020, while saving over $900 billion. This is based on current technology, without including the added benefits of future innovation. The IT industry is responsible for about 2 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions, including product manufacturing and use. While, as an industry, we strive to reduce our footprint, the greater opportunity is using IT to address the other 98 percent (businesses outside the IT sector).

As IT companies continue to climb the rankings for our own sustainability, we also have the potential to impact non-IT companies and their own sustainability rankings. Through innovative technologies, we hope to pave the way to more sustainable economic growth by measuring consumption, driving greater efficiency in using resources, and displacing energy-intensive processes altogether throughout all industries.

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A Sustainability Conversation with Engelina Jaspers and Marc Gunther

Today, Engelina Jaspers, HP’s VP of environmental sustainability, sat down with veteran journalist Marc Gunther at the Washington IDEAS Forum in Washington D.C. Engelina shared with Marc HP’s history in taking sustainability seriously, specifically electronics recycling, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, HP’s energy efficient data center in Wynyard, UK and more.


Check out Marc’s post “HP’s green evangelist” to read more about what they discussed.

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