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Enterprise Mobile Security - Presenting to the IISP

by Paul Schwarzenberger, MSc, CISSP, Enterprise Security Architect, HP


Yesterday evening I gave a talk on the subject “Enterprise Mobile Security” to the London chapter of the Institute of Information Security Professionals – IISP for short. I talked about the business drivers towards the growing use of mobile devices and consumerisation, security risks, and the requirements for securely enabling the use of business apps.


Mobile Device Management Device Profile

Android smartphone with mobile anti-malware


I demonstrated a couple of example solutions which can address some of the security risks:


  • Application access from an iPad to a corporate network, using SSL VPN and certificate authentication, so that the connection experience is automatic and invisible to the user
  • Anti-malware solution for Android smartphones, combining the use of a mobile device management system to monitor and help identify malicious applications, with an anti-virus client for Android

The presentation (excluding the demos) can be viewed here:



My talk was followed by “Defending your turf: what does it take to protect data in a mobile workforce” presented by Nader Henein from the Blackberry Security group at Research in Motion.

BernardS(anon) | ‎07-02-2012 08:06 PM

It is very important to protect your mobile device from security threats and attacks.  Encryption tools are available to protect many different areas such as your calls, messaging and downloads.  Many people do not realize that their mobile devices can get viruses just like their home computers can,

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