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If neon swans are different from black swans—how so? [Video]

By Andrzej Kawalec, Chief Technology Officer, Enterprise Security Services, Hewlett-Packard


Traveling back to the secret HP technology headquarters the other day, I got
stuck in airport security, so began toNeon Swan no text.png muse on the statistical modeling that our friends in the financial world use, and their occasional (ahem) ability to get it wrong. When they do, risk managers often talk about
black swans. They’re rare events of large magnitude that are virtually impossible to predict and very hard to respond to. A neon swan is different.

Art Wong at HP Discover [Video]: Fight back – Advancing the battle against cyber threats

At HP Discover 2015, Katie Linendoll, the global tech consultant, 

Art Wong during interview Discover LV 2015 03-Jun(c).PNGsat down in the Executive Studio with Art Wong, Senior Vice President, HP Enterprise Security Services, to explore with him the changing and frightening world of cyber threats. While discussing the battle against cyber adversaries, Art Wong gave companies and governments hope, outlining how they could prepare for and respond to incidents—in short, how they could fight back.

The day after tomorrow: Cyber crisis management at the speed of Twitter

Andrzej Kawalec, Chief Technology Officer, Enterprise Security Services, HP


When you’re managing a cyber-crisis, the first 48 hours are crucial. Not only can they dramatically affect your organization in the months and years ahead, but they can also have a direct impact on your own career as well.


approved bad guy-compressed.jpg

At HP Discover, join Andrzej Kawalec, Chief Technology Officer, Enterprise Security Services, as he explores the latest developments in cyber-security and crisis management. The valuable minutes you spend with him will be the difference between navigating the conversation in the boardroom while keeping your company’s name out of the newsroom.


The latest in Enterprise Security showcased at HP DISCOVER Vienna

By Wayne Glenn, EMEA Marketing Manager, Enterprise Security Services


The first thing that hits you when arriving at HP Discover Vienna is the sheer scale of the event.  Spanning 3 football pitches, most HP products and services were represented which enabled you to visually quantify the breadth and depth of the HP portfolio. 



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