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5 Ways to Celebrate Labor Day in Today’s BYOD World

HP Blogger Nancy Lichtle commented on a recent post of mine about Bringing your own device (BYOD) to configure your own ecosystem. In this post, I highlight the fact that BYOD as a concept has existed over the years in the form of PYOD, UYOE, SYOW, EYOH. Lichtle, in her comment, adds a new acronym to this list -- POYD -- Power Off Your Device. She calls out the need to recharge our personal batteries when we are on vacation. Lichtle’s observation brings it home for me as Labor Day approaches in some parts of the world.


Labor Day -- a day of rest when workers take a break from their daily grind and recognize and respect their critical role and contribution to the global economy. It is a day when workers don't go to their workplace, turn off their machines, put their tools down, etc. It is a day that workers stay home and spend time with family on the three-day weekend trip to the nearest beach or adventure park or camp ground. Or take the time to go for the last summer fling for the year before the onset of a colorful fall and a gloriously white winter. But, in these days of bringing your own device to work, what does Labor Day really mean?


Mobile workers -- especially those who work out of their home office and use their own BYOD devices at work -- cannot treat Labor Day the same way as other workers who commute through the daily traffic to a workplace. So, what can they do?


Here are my top 5 suggestions for celebrating Labor Day in today’s BYOD world:

  • Do not turn on any of the devices you use at work
  • Do not answer work-related phone calls
  • Do not text or reply to work-related text messages
  • Do not engage in work-related social media (SoMe) conversations (including the <140 character ones)
  • Do not even step foot into your home office

Can you do that? BYOD has resulted in all access to everything -- work or personal -- all the time. Can you really celebrate Labor Day by following my suggestions above? Challenge yourself. Let me know through your comments on your first work day after Labor Day.


Oh, by the way:


  • Do not comment on this post during the Labor Day weekend

Even if you do, I won't be responding because I do intend to fully celebrate Labor Day in the truest sense of the term. I am sure Nancy Lichtle does too.


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| ‎08-31-2012 03:37 PM

I think I may have taken the concept to an extreame yesterday -- I lost my device. ARGGGG!

Nadhan | ‎08-31-2012 04:24 PM

Sorry to hear that, Charlie.  That is the equivalent of losing your voice in today's world of conference calls!!  Hope you find your device -- or get a new one -- soon.  Happy Labor Day


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NancyLichtle | ‎09-01-2012 12:23 AM

Per Nadhan's instructions, I'm commenting in here BEFORE the weekend (West Coast time)!  Who is going to take him up on the POYD challenge? Remember, it's not that you cannot USE your device(s), you just need to not use it for work. Instead, focus on obtaining that elusive 'refresh and recharge' goal! Charlie - you should have the easiest time with this challenge as your POYD has already happened. (No fun.)


How timely... someone just sent me an IM with one word: POYD


Can you do it? (Can I?)

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