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Airline industry taking off into the Cloud at HPDiscover

So as I waited for the plane to take off for the HP Discover conference in Las Vegas, I begin to think about the state of the airline industry ... where they started years back ... and where they are today. Airlines used to offer all services as part of the single price customers paid when purchasing the ticket. Today, we pay for the ticket and everything else in addition whether it be an extra piece of baggage or in some cases, one more bottle of water. As the aircraft took off into the clouds, I could not help but wonder if this industry could take advantage of the inherent benefits of cloud computing to realize business gains -- business gains that would allow them to improve the overall customer experience for you and me.


As the little bell went off and the flight attendant reminded us that we could now power up select electronic devices, I started my laptop again and continued blogging to further crystallize my thoughts on this.


What the airline industry really needs is an effective, viable cloud computing-based solution that offers software, platform and infrastructure as a service that enables them to synthetically realize various application components across the right mix of cloud environments -- the right application for the right type of cloud computing environment.


In other words, this industry cloud must be intelligent about the types of airline applications that are best suited for various cloud computing environments. This is an opportunity to take advantage of nuances specific to the airline industry and realize unique synergies across their ecosystem of customers and partners.

Such a cloud computing solution will better position airlines to do the following:


  • Focus less on the day-to-day maintenance of their core applications and shift the resources to more innovative ventures including new products and services for customers, thereby increasing customer loyalty and revenue.
  • React faster to peak traffic demands and reduce the possibility of overbooking or low-revenue flight segments.
  • Shift the capital expense usually incurred for infrastructure as well as the operational cost enabling airlines to reduce the need to charge customers like us going forward.

A cloud solution based on service-oriented principles will enable airlines to realize the following benefits:


  • Differentiate themselves by going back to rule No. 1 and improving the customer experience at reasonable cost.
  • Increased interoperability between various architectural layers reducing potential application development costs.
  • Automate time consuming, manual business processes.

As I looked out the window, I was reassured by the friendly clouds of various sizes and shapes in a bright sunny sky as if to suggest that the airline industry cloud is going to improve life for all of us in general -- if the airlines work with the right partners to apply these industry clouds in their environment.


Are you sure that your favorite airline is working with the right partner to take advantage of the optimal mix of cloud computing environments for the airline industry?


To learn more about HP’s recent announcement on its cloud computing solutions for airlines, check out Evee Burgurd’s blog post titled “Can Cloud Computing solve 3 challenges faced by airlines today?”


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