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Aligning Trends: Millennials in the workforce and the rise of revolutionary technology

Social Media, Big Data and Information Analytics, new styles of Networking, Security, Storage, and Wearable technology … these are all hot trends, changing the way companies run and market. Yet the question remains: Are these changes due to shifts in the workforce? Or are they necessitated by changes in market needs and demands?


millenial workplace.pngRegardless of the answer, it’s a fact that Millennials (born in the 80’s and 90’s) are increasing in the workforce, and becoming a driving force in the evolution of new work styles and IT. According to a 2010 HBR article, by next year, Millennials will “ … account for nearly half the employees in the world.” Furthermore, a recent Forbes article notes that although this particular generation has been branded by stereotype, a majority of non-Millennials “ … agree that Millennials offer different skills and work styles that add value to the workplace. No generation before has had as much access, technological power or the infrastructure to share their ideas as quickly as Millennials. These can be great assets in a knowledge economy.”


So where do the trends of technology and the rise of Millennials meet? HP Fellow Mateen Greenway, who commonly works with client innovation, discussed the topic in a blog post“The IT landscape has shifted. To be successful, enterprises must refocus their technological emphasis from tools to users.” This means understanding your workforce, which in this case, may mean tech-toting Millennials. He adds, “In the New Style of IT, employee empowerment is as critical as virtualization, cloud services, and resource-sharing. Employees must have the tools they need to do their jobs. They must be empowered with the appropriate levels of autonomy, data access and flexibility to do those jobs in new and better ways.” The science of pairing technology with HR to increase recruiting and retention can lead to employees finding fulfillment and success in their individual roles.


Finally, let’s not forget other ways that Millennials are driving enterprises to become more flexible, innovative, and quick to adapt to market needs. One example is the movement of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). Using personal devices can increase application accessibility, increase productivity, and adaptability. However, as CruxialCIO notes, “The proliferation of devices, and consequently, of access points to company networks and information pose a risk to enterprises looking to stop the flow of data leakage.”


Regardless of the challenges that arise from new technology, there remains an opportunity to continue to build a workplace that fosters creativity and distributes innovation. If you have seen unique ways to harness technology within an enterprise, while using the power of the workforce, please share in the comments below.

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